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SDD Technology is a software development company with more than 10 years of experience in custom web application development. We are creating world-class web solutions for B2C and B2B customers from all over the world. SDD Technology has sufficient experience in solving problems of any complexity and creating web applications that solve business problems. We keep a high level of development quality, clean source code, and always find solutions for any client.

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ur company gained great experience in web development. We delivered more than 50 web products able to handle high loads and control many business processes. Our client finally gets the quality web service which improves the efficiency of business processes, provides customers with new tools, increases sales, and optimizes costs.

Our main goal in the development of any web application is to create a solution that will best meet the business needs of our clients. Our team professionally approaches any task, we guarantee the high speed of web solutions, reliability and safety, cross-browser support, and adaptive user interface.

Our frontend and backend developers have deep expertise in the development of web solutions of any complexity thanks to many years of experience, constant study of the latest trends and technologies in web development, active participation in the activities of professional communities.

Our web app developers team, together with our UX/UI department, are carefully working on the user experience to make the high quality and user-friendly interface as convenient as possible.


Web Development Services


Back-end Development

We create a powerful, flexible and secure backend in programming languages Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Go, and Ruby.

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Front-end Development

We create convenient and responsive web interfaces with HTML, CSS, and powerful JavaScript frameworks: React, Vue.js, Angular.

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DevOps Services

We provide Infrastructure management services: cloud management, pipeline, continuous integration, security audit.

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The Solutions We Offer

SDD Technology offers a wide range of web solutions and the most popular you can see here.

Industry-Specific Business Solutions

Web development for large industries such as logistics and transportation, sports and fitness, real estate and construction, e-commerce and retail.


We provide custom CRM and ERP development for fitness centers, restaurants, hotels, transportation companies and other clients that need Customer relationship management or Enterprise resource planning.

Web Portals

We provide web portals development services for B2B, B2C, B2E businesses, and big corporations.

E-Commerce services

Comprehensive e-commerce services from business consulting to web design and development. From an online store to a large market place.

Technologies and Programming Languages

Technologies We Use



No modern browser is complete without JavaScript support. We use frameworks like Vue.js, React, and Angular. Node.js is very suitable for backend development.


Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​with a wide range of options. We usually use frameworks like Pyramid and Django.


Java is probably one of the most powerful programming languages ​​that is widely used when developing a high-load web application.


We use such powerful frameworks as Laravel, Symfony, Yii to create a modern web application.


One of the most popular programming languages. It has extensive capabilities of the standard library of the language and high performance.


We are using the Ruby on Rails framework which gives us excellent development speed. Usually, the speed of development on RoR is higher than in other frameworks.

To Build The Right Web Solution



The discovery phase is the first step in the creation of every digital product. At this stage, we analyze the entire requirement for the product, determine the customer's expectations and define the criteria for a successful product.


During the design stage, we define the overall system architecture, formulation of non-functional requirements, security requirements and solutions formulation, and technology stack.


In the building stage, the project managers and developers start to develop software by writing code using the developed architecture. The designers give the final shape to the product, and the developers implement the functional modules.


In this stage, we testing products under different loads and in different situations, as well as on different operating systems and different types of devices. This is guarantees that products can work steadily and correctly in different situations.


After complete testing, the project is ready for release and publication for general access. At this stage, the infrastructure is set up on the release server, the final version is released, and the product is deployed on the client's server.


Subject to a service level agreement (SLA), we guarantee the continued support and development of the product including any regular updates and adjustments. In addition, this is the stage at which we can get feedback from real users.
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