UI and UX Design Services


UI and UX Design Services

UI and UX Design Services involves designing and improvement of the user interface (UI) of websites, games and apps to provide customers with the best possible experience using developed products. It's exactly what our professional UI / UX designers are mastered in. Our solid experience in creating unique and user-friendly interfaces for mobile applications and websites obtained from learning and following the trends in the world of design, using modern technologies, and thinking of the customer first, resulted in proposing the most suitable and attractive user interface.

To achieve the best result when providing UI and UX Design Services, we start by analyzing the target audience and studying competitors of your business market. Then we draw up a UI architecture, develop sketches & wireframes, and finally compose an interactive prototype with required transitions and animations.

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ur design team utilizes the most modern and powerful tools to deliver personalized and customized solutions better and faster. We can offer UX consulting services to give a new breath to your existing product or start from scratch and build a new outstanding design. As UI/UX design is one of the most important steps during the development of any digital solution, the SDD Technology designer team offers the most advanced software interface design service in the two main stages:

User Experience Design:

  • analysis and research
  • interface architecture
  • sketching and wireframes
  • interactive prototypes
  • UX testing and updating

User Interface Design:

  • design references
  • graphic design
  • UI guidelines and kit
  • UI testing and review

SDD Technology designers can help you to create a unique brand identity by developing an astonishing logo, attractive UI kit, and effective web, mobile or wearable application interface.


UI and UX Design Services


UI / UX Prototyping

Sketching and wireframing interactive prototypes performed by our experts helps to find issues and solve problems related to the User Interface and User Experience of your platform before starting any development.

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Web Design

Complex approach from prototyping to UI design provided by our UI/ UX designers and responsive design and logo creation results in the most advanced and productive interface for your websites and other cloud-based solutions.

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Mobile App Design

To improve the user interface and customer experiences, our professional designers offer Android and iOS mobile app UX and UI design that will raise the customer’s confidence in your brand and business.

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Get to the future, ahead of your customers, and make everything ready to greet them when they arrive!

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UI and UX Design Services

SDD Technology designers have built up expertise in learning what customers really want and need. We have long tail experiences in UI UX design of a wide range of platforms for the biggest industries and largest businesses.

Logistics & Transportation

Designing a variety of websites and mobile apps with over 10 years of experience, equipped us with innovative and impressive ideas on how to create platforms for Logistics & Transportation businesses with the most attractive and reliable interface that suits their customer needs.

Health & Fitness

We understand that the interface should be not only easy to use for Health and Fitness users, but also pleasant and modern to increase their engagement. Our experts offer the most effective UI/UX design services for all businesses in this industry such as gyms, clubs, sports teams, etc.

Real Estate & construction

The aim of our experts when designing UI/ UX for Real estate & Construction organization platforms is to allow the customers to have effortless access to a massive amount of content and give the users an outstanding experience.

E-Commerce & Retail

We test all interfaces of our e-commerce products in both phases: UI design and UI design. That gives us confidence that customers can easily use that platform to purchase their required products and find what they need in any situation.

Fintech & Financial

We develop delightful UI / UX designs for websites or mobile apps built in the Fintech & Financial industry as a language to communicate with the customers and meet their needs and expectations. Our latest and the most refreshing experiences in banking and Fintech app design enable us to create beautiful, easy-to-use products and yet maintain the full functionality.

Travel & Hospitality

We know the best UI/ UX design services for Travel & Hospitality businesses mean facilitating the entire path of the customers into ordering their suitable services. As a result, we deliver the most professional UI wireframes, designed mockups, prototypes, UI kits, and style guides for all businesses in this industry including Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, etc.




AR experience design

SDD Technology's approach is designing engaging AR experiences to ensure interactions are accessible and make the customer experience as clean and simple as possible. Our AR experience design always can find a solution for a challenging project.

Mobile app UX/UI design

Our priority in Mobile UX/ UI design is combining a great idea for building the application with an effective user experience and outstanding user interface. We definitely know that the design of your app is just as important as its effectiveness for your business's success.

Logo and branding design

In the process of designing a logo and Branding for your business, we aim to plan a strategy for you to be more specific to your customers to quickly identify your products and organization. We can give your customer a good reason for choosing you over your business competitors.

UI and UX consulting

Our UI and UX consulting team are ready to help your company to improve user satisfaction and optimize expenses by implementing the right UI/UX processes, methods, and tools. As an expert UI design and UX consulting firm, we provide a holistic evaluation of your web/app design, advise on the best strategy that suits your needs, and offer training to equip your business with the best UX practices.

Web design services

Our Web Design services include everything from product discovery and prototype validation to post-release support. Our web design experts can assist you at any stage of your product development cycle and improve the UI/UX of your platform by utilizing the most recent trends in web development such as typography, links, navigation, rollovers, calls to actions, taglines, slides for home page, Photography & Illustrations and charts/graphs.


By conducting research that results in working prototypes, our professional designers know exactly how to provide an exceptional experience at every stage of your customer journey. Whether you’re planning to build new software or rebuild and modernize your existing product, designing a perfect experience for your users is our vital task. Let our  UI/UX design agency offer your customers what they prefer.

To Build the Right UI and UX Design


UX Analytics

In UX Analytics as the first step, we start with conducting the design thinking and research to establish the right UX processes. We can help you foster organizational growth and internal transformation by leveraging agile methodology and adopting a customer-centric approach.


Excellent user experience design really matters for us. To build trust between you and your customers, especially when it comes to issues like security and accessibility, we use the insights gained through our research and experience to develop a working prototype regarding customer journey maps and user flow.

UX testing

The next step is UX testing to ensure the design we have planned exactly matches your User Expectations and Behaviors. So, we recognize what to fix and what not to fix about your user experience design quickly, based on objective data. Then, our designers can address them in which best practices based on user patterns can be obtained.

Visual Design and Branding

Your visual identity comprises your logo, imagery, typography, colors, and creative design is performed by our experts in this stage. We organize design elements such as colors, materials, shapes, fonts (typography), and functionality to get to the heart of visual design and branding in a way that it can communicate to your customers and show them who you are, what you stand for, and why they should be loyal to you.

UI guidelines and design system composing

As we want to design a cohesive and consistent experience among your web/app, then we must have a collection of resources that can be used while designing a system containing layout templates for multiple devices, icon sets, font libraries, UI components, and color palettes. Based on this Guideline, our UX/UI designers can develop your platform Style, Layout, Text, Types of interaction (click, gesture, voice), and other elements which cover the details of all types of supported platforms and resolutions.

Design review

A design review is a milestone within UI/UX development services whereby our design is evaluated against your business requirements to verify the outcomes of previous activities and identify issues before performing further works. In this stage, SDD Technology designer experts try to personalize the platform for your customers in which they feel like the web application or mobile app is designed just for them. Through Reviewing and evaluating our design, we can learn where your users get frustrated, confused, or need reassurance. Our firm’s UI/UX design team analyzes user behaviors to reveal real opportunities for improvement of your business user experiences.

Release and maintenance

Finally, when we design the interactive, working prototype of your UI/UX design, and achieve total alignment, we will move confidently into development and release the final platform by building exactly what users want the first time, which enables you to improve user productivity and efficiency and increase customer retention and profitability. Maintenance of the developed web/app after delivery is our mandatory task to detect and correct latent faults in the platform before they become effective faults. less time fielding support calls.
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What are UI UX design services?

UX stands for User Experience and UI for User Interface. UI/UX design, then, refers to the process of designing software based on the end-user needs and their interaction with the product. The aim of UI / UX services is to use the latest technology trends and tools to offer intuitive, painless, and even enjoyable user-friendly interfaces that enable users to understand how to work with complex technical products in the simplest way.


What does a UI UX designer do?

The main task of UI/UX designers include user research, create personas, design wireframes, and interactive prototypes as well as testing designs to create user-friendly interfaces that make the process of using complex technical products more enjoyable and simpler for the users and customers.


What technologies do UX designers use?

UX / UI designers typically choose the best technologies for improving the efficiency and productivity of the developed platforms based on the client's needs and requirements. However, the most useful and popular technology used for UI / UX designs are:

  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Principle
  • Axure
  • Craft
  • Adobe XD
  • Marvel