Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System

Automation of transport logistics

Our solution is one of the best-integrated solutions for transport logistics in the field of supply chain management. Suitable for companies providing forwarding services and for companies that have their own fleet of vehicles. TMS is an indispensable solution for both long-distance transportation and intracity-targeted delivery.

The solution allows you to plan routes, track the movement of cars, record events on the route and transfer statuses, and distribute applications and cargoes by types of cars and addresses, taking into account more than 100 factors. Managers and executives can monitor all processes online and make management decisions promptly.

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he TMS transport management system is a modern software and hardware solution for automating and managing processes in transport logistics. The main mission of TMS is to reduce the impact of the human factor and increase the efficiency of transport logistics, use of the fleet and improve transportation safety.

Transport Management System (TMS) is a solution for transport company executives, logisticians and logistics managers. TMS allows you to manage and control all processes related to the transportation and delivery of various goods and cargoes both across countries, cities and within settlements. TMS users can keep a record of all transactions and events related to transportation, rolling stock, delivery points, transported goods, and settlement transactions (transportation cost and transportation service cost).

The TMS transport management system is part of the Supply Chain Execution (SCE) suite of supply chain management solutions. TMS has the ability to integrate with other solutions of the Supply Chain class - WMS, YMS. The system is also integrated with ERP and CRM accounting systems (included in the solution as a basic module). All solutions on the platform have the ability to collect and process data in the Business Intelligence (BI) business intelligence system.

Our solution

Ideal For

Ground Shipments

Transport companies

The system is ideal for multimodal and intermodal transport. 3PL and 4PL logistics operators, manufacturing companies, distribution, and trading companies.

Delivery companies

A platform with a powerful logistics module and artificial intelligence will build an ideal route for postal and courier services, delivery services, and online stores.

Food and agricultural

The system with a load status control module is ideal for companies engaged in the transport of fresh, frozen, and agricultural products.

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Main functions of TMS

  • Route planning is based on more than 100 parameters.
  • Tracking the movement of cars and employees on the map online.
  • Mobile application for a driver, courier, sales representative, merchandiser, service engineer, or emergency commissioner.
  • Cartography module with different services.
  • Forecasting traffic congestion.

Planning Module

  • It won't let you go wrong with the restrictions.
  • Suggest the best route options.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Automatically plans routes.
  • Has built-in visual tools for manual planning.
  • Takes into account special requirements and conditions.

TMS System Allows

  • Effectively manage employees, cargo, rolling stock;
  • Handle the task with fewer machines;
  • Reduce the influence of the human factor;
  • Quickly layout the best routes;
  • Control fuel consumption and vehicle movement along the route;
  • Synchronize the transfer of delivery statuses with any accounting system;
  • Install and remove data from sensors and controllers;
  • Easy to adapt to individual business needs.
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Key Features


Route planning is based on more than 100 parameters


Tracking the movement of cars and employees on the map online.


Cartography module with various services


Forecasting traffic congestion.


Effective management of employees, cargo, rolling stock.


Route optimization to minimize vehicle amount.


Reducing the influence of the human factor.


Fast optimal routes composing.


Fuel and traffic control.


Synchronization with any accounting system.


Possibility to install any sensors.


Easy adaptation to individual needs.


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