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web and mobile app


Feature-rich marketplace that provides your customers the best user experience. Customizable catalog view, fast search engine, payment gateway by our choice, order history, review & ratings, integrated loyalty system and analytics tool.

Mobile app

Your customers will enjoy their shopping using native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Web platform

Launch adaptive, mobile-friendly and lightweight web portal branded according to our requirements.
web and mobile app


Be sure that your vendors feel comfortable with their personal dashboard that allows them to simply manage goods, stocks, orders, employees, export extended reports and perform payouts.

Mobile app

Be sure that your vendors feel comfortable with their personal dashboard that allows them to simply manage goods, stocks, orders, employees, export extended reports and perform payouts.

Web platform

A complete supplier work tool that provides flexible options for managing business processes and teams.
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Multi Vendor Marketplace_Delivery Man
Mobile application


It will be nowhere easier to organize delivery in any region thanks to easy management of delivery zones, delivery team and their schedule. You can also switch to take-away mode at any time.

Mobile app

Your deliveryman will be able to handle their tasks easily and be on time due to convenient work schedule management and quick and safe ways to contact the customer.
Web Dashboard


Get real-time overview and analytics of all processes and situations, or quickly dive into detailed analysis of each order, user or transaction. Thanks to the customization of our platform, you will always control the work of the marketplace.

Web platform

Distribute roles and access rights for your management team, and we will help you familiarize yourself with the work of the system and organize training.
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Marketplace with any business model


B2B marketplace will become a convenient platform for suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers to organize a transparent and fast procurement process. On our platform, you will be able to provide companies with a convenient search for goods, creating multiple orders and clear budget management.

Advanced search engine
Multiple order management
Detailed cashflow and turnover reports
100% —Āustomizable catalog


Take multiple vendors under your wing and provide them with a single channel to reach a wider audience for a reasonable share. And each buyer will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable product, easily purchase and receive it through delivery.

Integration with secure payment gateway
Support of multiple languages
Convenient delivery management
Engaging loyalty program for customers


Play as an independent and honest broker in the trade between people. The platform can be a great place to post products, search, bargain, and secure transactions. Boost your reach by supporting multiple product categories, languages and currencies.

Escrow transactions
Toolkit for promoting sellers' products
Personalized push notifications
Multiple currency support


Multi payment gateways

We support several well-known and trustable payment gateways, just choose the most convenient for your region.

Multilingual support

If you are launching an international project, then support for various localizations for all marketplace applications will come in handy.

Easy plugin for vendor

We will simplify your scaling by providing suppliers with the fastest and most painless way to connect to your platform.

100% customizable

Personalize your marketplace from style and appearance to personalized rates for suppliers and support for the desired currencies.

Industry agnostic

You can create a narrow-sale product offer or a universal marketplace, arrange the delivery of meals or industrial equipment - anything is possible.

Flexible scope

Build B2C, B2B or C2C marketplaces by easily setting up necessary modules and features. The platform will adapt to your business model and scale.

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Delivery man app
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Custom design and branding
White label design
Multi currency
Multi languages
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