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Ensuring the optimal team size is vital for any project's success, and as projects evolve, it becomes necessary to add new team members who possess the required skill sets. To address this need, staff augmentation services can prove to be the ideal solution. Irrespective of the IT project at hand, leveraging the expertise of the best professionals in the industry can benefit your business greatly.

At our IT staffing services, we provide your team with the speed, professional acumen, and flexibility required to scale quickly and complete development within the stipulated time frame. We identify the workers who possess the required qualities and expertise, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits that the staff augmentation model has to offer.

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ur IT staff augmentation services cater to all project types, from simple to complex, ranging from prototyping to full-scale development of desktop, mobile, or web applications, testing, and systems management.

SDD Technology's extended team services are a reliable, cost-effective, and proven way for our clients to enhance the productivity and size of their internal development teams in minimal time. We provide dedicated software engineers, allowing you to build a highly qualified, creative, and experienced team with ease, composed of the top 1% of tech professionals who integrate seamlessly with your current workflow.

We ensure that all our staff augmentation services are customizable to suit your business needs. Our team of project managers work with you to understand your goals, identify the areas where you need additional expertise, and find the right professionals to work on your project. By doing so, we enable you to meet your project goals without having to hire full-time employees, which can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Our outsourcing model allows you to access tech talent from around the world, ensuring that you get the best professionals to work on your project. We have partnerships with some of the world's leading outsourcing vendors, enabling us to provide our clients with a diverse range of talent.

While staff augmentation is ideal for short-term projects, it can also be a viable long-term solution for businesses. By having augmented teams, you can maintain control over your project while still having access to the required expertise.

In conclusion, staff augmentation is an effective way to enhance the productivity and expertise of your internal development team. With our IT staff augmentation services, you can build a highly qualified team of professionals who will work seamlessly with your in-house team to achieve your project goals.

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How IT Staff Augmentation Working?


Researching Your Business Needs

When it comes to providing the best and most profitable cooperation, our company takes a custom-tailored approach. Our team of business analysts carefully studies your unique business requirements to determine the optimal solution. We understand that there is no universal solution, so we work with you to select a unique offer that best suits your business needs. We offer different cooperation models, from staff augmentation to outsourcing, to ensure that we provide the best solution for your business.


After we have identified your business requirements, our team, including our Chief Technology Officer, Business Analyst, and Project Manager, collaborates with your team to create a list of necessary specialists and plan the process of growing your team. With our expertise in personnel planning and management, we help you build a strong team to achieve your business goals.

Searching for New IT Talent

As part of our personnel planning process, our Human Resources Department and Recruitment Manager start recruiting the best IT professionals from all over the world. We thoroughly vet and interview each candidate to ensure that they meet our high standards for expertise and professionalism. We will regularly send you resumes of suitable candidates who have already passed our interview process, saving you valuable time and effort in your recruitment process.

Hiring and Allocating Resources

Depending on the type of cooperation model you choose, we will hire the employees of your choice and provide them with all the necessary equipment and tools. We can send your new hires to one of our offices in Poland or Georgia and provide video surveillance or a clean room for better control over the team. We understand the importance of effective resource allocation and take care to provide everything your team needs to succeed.

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