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We provide full-cycle development of consumer-oriented and transformative enterprise-class mobile solutions. SDD Technology leads the development process from product concept to delivery and scaling on the market, providing ongoing support at all stages.
Our development team with more than ten years of experience has huge experience in the Android & iOS mobile app, hybrid mobile app, AR/VR app, wearable app, and even TV app development.

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ur clients order mobile applications to achieve different business goals:

  • provide customers additional value using mobile technologies;
  • get additional communication channel with their audience;
  • personalize the loyalty program;
  • carry out promotions by sending push-notifications;
  • provide productive tools for their employees;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • and many others.

Our approach to mobile development starts with analyzing the client's business requirements and designing the solution architecture. Our understanding of the best practices in mobile development allows us to offer the client the optimal solution in terms of functionality, user interface, use of the advantages and features of mobile platforms: smartphones, tablets, wearable devices. Our engineers write clean and productive code, testers guarantee product quality, and designers ensure users get the best experience. We are ready to take on the development of any mobile product. Our company built and maintained many large mobile projects, always coping with tasks with high quality.


Mobile Development Services


Android Development

We create quality native applications for Android devices using modern programming languages such as Kotlin and Java.

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iOS App Development

We build applications for iOS devices of any complexity using native language Swift.

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Hybrid Mobile App

Cross-platform app development is one of the best ways to get results as soon as possible at the best price.

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Wear App

We create apps for wearable devices like smartwatches, fitness bands, or proprietary peripherals.

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AR / VR Development

We develop different types of AR/VR applications for smartphones on Unity, iOS ARKit, and ARCore.

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TV App Development

We create different kinds of applications for Smart TV whether it is Apple TV or Android-based Smart TV.

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Mobile App Solutions

SDD Technology offers a wide range of mobile application development services since 2011.

Logistics & Transportation

We provide various services for logistic and transportation industries such as the development of taxi apps, cargo tracking app, ride-sharing apps, and others.

Health & Fitness

We create applications for training, health and body analysis, as well as provide software solutions for gyms and fitness centers where people have a virtual loyalty card, can sign up for group classes, or subscribe for gym services.

E-Commerce & Retail

We have extensive experience in developing mobile applications for e-commerce and retail. We created marketplaces, loyalty programs, and online stores as well.

Travel & Hospitality

We build booking engines for hotels, travel agencies and aggregators, integrate CRM systems and create attractive websites which make a significant contribution to improving the efficiency of our clients' business.


We build different kinds of fintech mobile applications such as e-wallets, currency exchange apps, personal finance trackers, and even betting and auction platforms.

Real Estate & Construction

We create mobile applications for real estate and construction companies: applications for a virtual tour of an apartment, applications for 3D visualization of the construction of various buildings, smart home systems using IoT technologies.

Technologies and Programming Languages

Technologies We Use


Java is one of the best programming languages to build a robust and scalable backend. Programs on Java work very smoothly and fast. It’s also used to create Android apps.


Kotlin quietly replaced Java in native android application development. The result is the same as Java but the code will be cleaner and it’s easier to maintain.


Swift is the programming language that came into the place of Objective-C. Swift is a programming language to create apps for Apple devices.


Unity is a cross-platform game engine that supports more than 25 platforms. Unity also is one of the most powerful languages for AR/VR applications.


Flutter is a free open-source Google mobile UI framework that provides a fast and expressive way for developers to build native apps on iOS & Android. Programming language Dart is used with Flutter.

React Native

React Native is a framework based on JavaScript that helps us develop cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Mobile App Development Lifecycle



The discovery phase is the first step in the creation of every digital product. At this stage, we analyze the entire requirement for the product, determine the customer's expectations, and define the criteria for a successful product.

Architecture design

During the architecture design stage, we define the overall system architecture, formulation of functional and non-functional requirements, security requirements, and technology stack as well.

UX and prototyping

During this stage, our team compose user flows and decomposes business logic in small steps. Finally, we create wireframes connected into an interactive prototype.


In the design stage, the project managers and developers start to develop software by writing code using the developed architecture. The designers give the final shape to the product, and the developers implement the functional modules.


In this stage, we test products under different loads and in different situations, as well as on different operating systems and different types of devices. This guarantees that the product works steadily and correctly in different situations.


After complete testing, the project is ready for release and publication for public access. At this stage, the infrastructure is set up on the release server, the final version is released, and the product is deployed on the client's server.

Release and maintenance

According to a service level agreement (SLA), we guarantee the continued support and development of the product including regular updates and adjustments. In addition, this is the stage at which we consider feedback from real users.
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