Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Team

We provide a complete team of web and mobile developers, designers, project managers and other specialists who can design and create a product for you from scratch under your control and according to your business goals. For more than 4 years we have been offering a dedicated development team for organizations such as banks, health facilities, retail chains, and logistics companies.

Dedicated Team advantages:
  • High team effectiveness due to a dedicated focus
  • Transparent and optimal cost management
  • Fast scalability
  • Well suited when working on new products


If you have your own developer team but feel a lack of developers, then you could resort to outstaffing services. You can choose one or more developers between dozens of high-equation specialists. They will become part of your team and under the control of your project, the manager will do the work.

Outstaffing advantages:
  • Quickly scaling an existing team
  • Payment for actually spent time
  • No costs for HR

Hiring Development Team

Sometimes our clients need to complete their own internal IT department. We have expertise in finding talents and conducting technical interviews, but what distinguishes us from HR agencies is that we initially analyze the requirements for a project and understand what specialists with what skills will be required for its successful implementation. The product development starts under our control and gradually we transfer the team to the client.

Hiring development advantages:
  • In the end, you get your own IT department with a strong lead
  • Сonfidence in the quality of the team
  • Selection of exactly those specialists that you need

Our Advantage


Real-time Check

Real-time performance monitoring, task and time tracking, online timesheet, surveillance camera, regular workspace screenshots.

Fast Scalability

Eastern Europe has unique advantages in terms of a large number of experienced and talented professionals and excellent infrastructure capabilities.


We can provide experienced specialists in more than 100 technologies and programming languages. We are building teams with the most suitable technology stack for each project.


Fingerprint recognition and CCTV for access to the office, clean room, NDA, anti-hack and security monitoring, regular backup, GDPR compliance.

Regular Report

Weekly / monthly regular reports on expenses, team status, time spent, project progress, bug report, and much more.

Quality guaranty

We guarantee the level of knowledge of our specialists, and we give a guarantee of free replacement of specialists if necessary.
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