Sports & Fitness Software Development

Gym Mobile Application and Web Site

Provide your customers the superior personal service with branded gym mobile app and web site.

  • online schedule and registration for training
  • online store for equipment and sports nutrition
  • purchase and renewal of season tickets
  • personal loyalty system with bonus points and discounts
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контроль здоровья Apple Watch

Workout & Fitness App

Create a mobile application for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Provide them with a service for individual calorie counting and diet planning, artificial intelligence (AI) system for composing a training plan, analysis of body and health parameters based on data from fitness bracelets, or smartwatches during training.

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Branded Sports Team App

Give fans another point of contact with your sports or esports club brand:

  • build branded and original mobile application, web site
  • share news and video content
  • provide a place for communication
  • distribute your merchandise
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Gym CRM system

Make sure that you control every aspect of your business. CRM system provides everything you need for client accounting, financial reporting, and operations, automating marketing, and increase efficiency and transparency of processes.We can combine the CRM system with a website and a mobile application, creating a single ecosystem for your business.

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Workout Marketplace

Create a mobile application for your students or the platform to connect instructors with their clients. Provide personal and group training plans, payments, ratings and reviews, video workouts.

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