Sports & Fitness Software Development

Full-Cycle Fitness App Development Services

We create feature-rich and scalable web and mobile apps to help Sport & Fitness Service providers strengthen their business by managing their tasks more precisely and communicating with their customers more efficiently.

This is how we bring innovative ideas for the digital transformation of your business to life:

The ultimate goal of our expert team is to optimize the integration and process of Full-Cycle Fitness App Development to deliver effective and reliable software.

To achieve this goal SDD Technology team conducts complete research about your business and the challenges it faces in the Discovery Phase. It’s dedicated to gathering useful information and analyzing requirements and restrictions before developing the Sport & Fitness solution. The first priority of our team is to analyze your business process and delve deeply into the project, even with coming to you, if necessary, and evaluating all aspects of your work.


Providing direct contact with our software team

Our experienced software/app development team is directly at your disposal to design and build a comprehensive modern Sport & Fitness App or Software exactly according to your expectations. Due to eliminated multi-layer structure in our team, you can easily get in touch with SDD Technology specialists and project managers as all of them are experienced business developers for each niche with the required knowledge of programming technology and business aspects.

We are also aiming to offer the best-matched product architecture and technology stack based on your business requirements. As experts in using various technologies and programming stacks for software development, SDD Technology specialists can suggest the most advanced technologies and frameworks create customized Sport & Fitness solutions specifically for you. We have chosen agile development methodology with many flexible opportunities which are known as one the most effective approach for web and mobile app development. Thus we build software in stages and can make changes according to the emergence of new tasks or obstacles.

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We Develop


Fitness Club Management System


Loyalty System for Members


Membership Management Software


Fitness Equipment Online Shop


Gym Mobile Apps


Training Mobile Apps


Sports club web portal


Sports Analytics Software


Athlete Tracking System


Marketplace for individual trainers


Nutrition Management Software


Sport & Fitness Event Management System

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Fitness Club and Gym Management Solutions

Our full-cycle sports and fitness app development team are ready to offer innovative ideas for improving your fitness business by developing your own management app or software.  Underpinned by our deep knowledge in Fitness club and Gym Management software development, we use the best of techs to assist you in developing, monetizing, and supporting your business.

Leverage our web and mobile development skills to create the most advanced and perfect solution for your sports startup, fitness club, golf club, gym, athletic programs manager, or sports betting platform:

  • Gym CRM
  • Fitness club web portal
  • Training Planning Software
  • VR & AR Software Solutions
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Membership Management Solutions

With more than 10 years of experience in developing membership management software, SDD Technology can help you run your organization in a snap. A fully-fledged membership management platform for clubs, gyms, sport and fitness associations offers productive solutions for improving customer experience by effective communication, content, financial and customer support management.

Here are the most important features offered by our experts for membership management software which make it an ideal choice for all sport and fitness clubs:

  • Automated email distribution
  • Flexible payment processing
  • Well-designed interface
  • Detailed event history
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Sports Training Software

We build professional and applicable sports training software to enable coaches, athletes, teams, and sport & fitness organizations to have access to valuable knowledge and data in comprehensive platforms.

We are proud that the workout & fitness app developed by our team helped many people worldwide have access to online/in-person coaching, self-coaching, and community-based training.

We can customize the data collection process from multiple sources to analyze the results in real-time and obtain health information for the practicing athletes of each sport and fitness organization, depending on their needs.

We are ready to build various workout & fitness solutions:

  • Fitness assessment app
  • Stress/workload management app
  • Recovery recommendation system
  • Integrated exercise database
  • Custom exercise/workout app
  • Training Scheduling App
  • Client web portal
  • Analytics Solutions
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Fan engagement app

We specialize in app development for sports fan engagement which is an important communication channel between famous sports brands and their fans. Developing a fan-based solution or branded sports team app plays an important role in reaching high engagement and potentially leads to new revenue opportunities.

We are aware of the modern sports fans' requirements and have strong insight about developing digital sports fan engagement applications in a way that brings fan experience several notches higher.

Our fan engagement solutions are specially designed for sports teams of top leagues all around the world to enable them:

  • Finding a new audience
  • Growing online community
  • Extending the reach of their brand
  • Allowing fans to engage with their favorite team regularly
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Health & Nutrition Management Software

We develop custom Health and Nutrition Management Software with special features allowing users to integrate the app with other training applications. Our clients - sports and fitness organizations - can deliver exceptional value to their clients and help them achieve their goals due to offering automated fitness routines and nutrition recommendation features based on customer lifestyle, preferences, and personal goals.

Our custom Health and Nutrition Management Software can simplify user workflow, saving their time, and help them stay organized by providing:

  • Wellness program management and monitoring
  • Personalized fitness goals planning
  • Progress tracking
  • Mental health features
  • Automated alerts
  • Meal planning and calorie management
  • Shopping lists
  • Recipe guides
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fitness mobile app

Workout mobile app

We are here to help you get your business in shape and strengthen it with a customized fitness mobile app in this ever-growing market of using applications on smartphones.

You can grab the eyeballs of health adherents and attract mobile phone users' attention by introducing an advanced and easy-to-use fitness mobile app that works just like a personal fitness trainer for your audience.

Unique features that can be delivered by our experts for a fitness training solution:

  • Fully developed and scalable administration panel
  • A comprehensive dashboard for setting training goals and creating a nutrition plan
  • Multiple login features with social media integration
  • Structured training system and video demonstration of exercises
  • Integrated features for fitness community
  • Convenient system for providing feedback
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What do fitness apps need?

The essential features needed for developing an applicable Fitness App include offering a customized nutrition plan, a list of training exercises, push notification & reminder system, social sharing, setting and tracking goals, integration with wearable devices, etc.


What are the benefits of fitness apps?

The most important advantage of developing a fitness mobile app for sports clubs, gyms, and other fitness organizations is improving the user experience of their customers, especially of the youth generation who expect to find everything in their mobile phone just by one touch.


What makes fitness apps successful?

Fitness apps are especially effective when they're customized according to the user's needs. Fitness apps are becoming successful by providing popular features such as training targets, special diets, or real-time contact with “real trainers” in a complex, balanced, and user-friendly service.


Why are fitness apps beneficial?

The demand for useful mobile apps especially in the health and fitness field is rapidly growing these days. Regarding the fact that they offer guidance on how to perform specific workouts and provide training regimes to the users, it’s not surprising that developing a fitness web portal or mobile app is definitely beneficial.


How do fitness apps work?

A fitness app can be easily downloaded on any mobile device and used anywhere for performing various functions such as allowing users to set fitness goals, tracking caloric intake, gathering workout ideas, and sharing progress on social media to facilitate healthy behavior.