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How to choose a software development company?

It is very important to make the right choice of a company that realizes your idea. This should be not only competent technical specialists, but also a team capable of focusing on the tasks of your business, and not just programming features. Therefore, we recommend that you both carefully read the portfolio and reviews of a potential contractor, as well as take the time to communicate in person and find out how their approach to creating digital products suits you.

How is the estimate for the software development project formed?

To obtain an initial cost estimate, our business analyst discusses the project with the client's stakeholders to determine the main goals of the project, what are the requirements for functionality, and further scaling. Also, a technical architect is involved in the formation of the estimate. In the project, the first stage is the design of the software architecture, during which the terms of reference, an interactive prototype, and other artifacts are developed that describe in detail the product and requirements for it. This includes drawing up a more accurate estimate and development plan.

How long does it take to develop custom software?

The duration of the project directly depends on its functionality and complexity. In our experience, 3-5 months are enough to develop an MVP, and the development of a full-featured product for launching into the market can take from 6 months to one and a half years. However, this is very generalized data, and there are examples of both shorter and longer projects.

Why do software projects can take longer than planned?

A fairly common situation is when some business tasks change after software development has started. This could be due to changes in the industry, actions of competitors, or changes in legislation. In such a situation, the product development roadmap is being revised, which can lead to an increase in development time. However, this ultimately serves to obtain a better product that meets the realities of the market.

What is expected of customers in a software project?

The active involvement of the client in the product development process is the key to the success of the project. At the start of the project, we form a working team of our specialists and the client's employees who help to clarify the specifics of the business processes of their company, share their vision of the project result and keep abreast of all possible changes in priorities and requirements during implementation.

Should I hire a freelancer or a software company?

There is no universal answer to this question, it all depends on your project. If you have technical and managerial competencies, and the project is small in functionality and budget, then hiring a freelancer is quite a suitable option. If you are planning to create a scalable product that will be possible to maintain and develop, and are also looking for greater reliability and professional horizons, then you should contact a software development company.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom software?

Often you have to choose between custom development and using constructors or ready-made platforms. The main advantages of custom development are as follows:

  • individual adjustment to your requirements
  • high flexibility with further development
  • ownership of the product, no dependence on the solution provider
  • high level of security

At the same time, the disadvantages include:

  • higher cost and longer development time
  • the risk of choosing an unreliable contractor

What technologies, frameworks, and languages will you use to implement my project?

Our team has broad competencies in design, development, and maintenance.

Our tech stack:

  • Mobile development -  native(Android - Java, Kotlin, iOS - Swift) or cross-platform (Flutter, React Native)
  • Back-end development - Java, Node.js, Python, PHP
  • Front-end development - react, vue.js
  • UX/UI design - Figma, Principle, Adobe XD

How to protect my idea from theft?

Just note that you cannot completely prevent other people or companies from borrowing ideas. However, you can protect information about how your product is designed with NDAs and reasonable data protection measures. Remember that the success of a product depends less on the idea itself, and more on how it was implemented.

Should I choose a Fixed price or Time & Materials contract?

As a rule, fixed-price contracts are more suitable for projects in which there are already clearly defined terms of reference and confidence that the requirements for the product will not be changed. The TM contract allows for more flexibility in situations where the product continues to continuously adapt to business requirements in the development process and also provides greater transparency of the process itself for the customer.

How is the software updated later, with the advent of new technologies?

We also provide services for technical support and product development after the release, which includes the implementation of new functionality, collection of analytics, and connection of technical support specialists 24/7.

How can I be sure that you are working on my project as much as you claim?

This question arises when working under TM contracts, in which payment is made for the actual time spent. To ensure transparency of work in this format, we always share with the client a detailed decomposition of the sprint and tasks before starting work, keep up to date with the progress of work, and also provide comprehensive reports on the result of work, including those compiled using special software for tracking the time spent by specialists.

Is the developed software GDPR compliant?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new governing law, the essence of which is to define the rules that every EU company must follow when dealing with the personal data of its customers. We have experience in creating software that uses the personal data of customers from various countries, therefore we adhere to both the GDPR and other practices in the field of security and protection of personal data.

How is software testing carried out and what is the cost?

Testing is a very important part of development, and we take a comprehensive approach to it. Quality control takes place during development using manual and automated testing. And after the end of the project, the product goes through the stages of alpha and beta releases, during which it is comprehensively tested and polished. The responsibilities of the QA department also include UX audit, safety control, and preparation of project documentation.

How do you guarantee the quality of your work?

With 10 years of experience in custom software development, we have developed our approach to guarantee our customers the best product quality at a reasonable cost. Our company's standards include protocols for business process analysis, testing, code review, prototyping to get the best result. Moreover, we provide a warranty period for the developed software after the end of the work.

What is product engineering?

Product engineering is a process of complex analysis, preparation, team building, design, development and subsequent support and scaling of a software product focused on solving specific problems of its users.  What is a dedicated team? A dedicated team is a model of cooperation between companies, in which the contractor for a specific business task of the customer offers a complete, well-developed, and professional team that has all the competencies to solve the problem. As a rule, a dedicated team is provided to the customer for a long-term contract.

What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated team is a model of cooperation between companies, in which the contractor for a specific business task of the customer offers a complete, well-developed, and professional team that has all the competencies to solve the problem. As a rule, a dedicated team is provided to the customer for a long-term contract.

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