Logistics & Transportation Software Development

Web Development

We will provide the suitable solutions using the up-to-date tools and methodologies to make your custom web application or a web portal up to date and ensure the optimization to all your digital needs even in specific industries. Get the modern capabilities on your own sites, corporate websites, freight portals and apps or cargo location monitoring.  

  • corporate website
  • freight portal
  • aggregator
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cargo chain management manager
green cargo ship

Tracking Systems Development

We can develop the delivery tracking software to prize your delivery business. Comprehensive vehicle monitoring solutions. Collaborate with suppliers, partners & customers in delivering. You can plan ahead your routes for managing your delivery services.

  • cargo tracking
  • parcel tracking
  • vehicle tracking
  • logistic routes construction
  • automatic cargo notifications
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CRM & ERP Systems for Logistics and Transportation 

We can develop the system that automates your day-to-day activities, optimizes the processes and provides insights for efficient logistic transportation. You can easily improve the delivery time. It also allows the suppliers, drivers or retailers to have up-to-date information by sending real-time notifications about traffic, customer addresses and so on.

  • order management
  • contractor management
  • cargo tracking
  • optimal marching
  • workflow management
  • business process management
  • analytics
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new york taxi

Taxi app development

Want to set up your taxi business? We are ready to help to produce the perfect app for taxi drivers and users. Good and flexible solutions for taxi business to book & track taxis, process payments, gather ratings and improve the overall taxi business goals. What we provide:

  • taxi fleet management
  • application for drivers
  • passenger app
  • payment gateways
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Ride-Sharing App development

Need a ride? Sharing your car, bike or other vehicle with other people or developing a ride-sharing app that benefits from the others? We are ready to help you to achieve this goal. The apps we developed for these needs include the next things: 

  • fleet management
  • geo vehicle tracking
  • security and monitoring system
  • application for users and admin version
  • payment systems implementation
  • smart analytics
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