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SDD Technology is a full-cycle custom software development company specializing in iOS, Android, and web development. Since 2011, we’ve been helping enterprise companies and startups reimagine their business by building impactful digital solutions.

Creating something new is what excites us the most. Finding new solutions is like a game or an incredibly challenging math problem that you can’t let go of until you find the answer. After all, our founder started off in Astrophysics – it’s in his DNA!

We truly love the collaborative process. We work together to find the absolute best solutions and uncover opportunities you might not have even seen yet.

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hen you work with SDD, you’re not just getting hired guns…
we consider ourselves a part of the team.

We think as programmers and as business people and always look out for your bottom line. We’re the IT specialists that will support your product or service for the long haul. 

You know your business and your customers best…

We know websites and app solutions best…

Send us a message below and let’s see how we can help!

Our services cover the whole spectrum of issues:
  • Idea analysis
  • Revealing need users or business
  • Competitor analysis
  • Drafting Terms of Reference
  • UX/UI design
  • Prototype and testing
  • Support and development

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"We don't just develop applications - we work side by side with you to create an awesome solution for your business."

Our Approach
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Our Process

How We Work


Exploring the problem

Every business has it's own unique challenges. We take time to dive deep into your world and look at it from every angle.

Finding the solution

Finding the most effective route, through all the pitfalls and around the bends, is a gratifying discovery to make. It's exciting to map out the path to the solution.


Before your project goes into full production, we provide a full interactive demo of your app / site.

Building the product

Once everything is agreed upon, our team sets to work. We keep you informed of the progress every step of the way.

Launch and support

When all systems are “Go” we launch the project! SDD-TECHNOLOGY is there to support you for the life of your product. From troubleshooting to updates, we are a part of the team
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