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QA and Software Testing Services

Over 10 years of experience, SDD Technology provides Software testing and QA services and performs functional, integration, compatibility, performance, usability, security, and compliance testing to improve the design and validate the high quality of every software aspect regarding its requirements business needs.

You can get help from our QA and Software Testing Services to:

  • Recognize your quality problems by managed testing services and QA consulting
  • Audit and plan required QA process improvements

After evaluating the QA issues by quality control and software testing, we deliver a detailed report about the detected issues along with helpful recommendations for fixing all aspects of your business software including code quality, UI/UX, performance, and security.

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ur experienced QA experts have deep insight in using the latest practices and technologies to ensure the features provided in your software comply with the requirements of your business by performing different types of testing including:

  • Functional testing
  • Non-functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Security testing

Our QA engineers are responsible for QA outsourcing and process management as well as end-to-end testing of your software. You can trust us as an independent third party to perform all necessary tests on your software based on your requirements.

Whether you have built desktop, mobile or web applications, our Software Testing and QA specialists are ready to help you get more out of your testing efforts and improve time to market, and thus, your ROI.


QA and Software Testing Services


End-to-end testing

By the aim of simulating what a real user scenario looks like from start to finish and testing if the productivity and functionality of your software under product-like circumstances and data to replicate live settings, our Software Testing, and QA experts use End-to-end testing as the best methodology used in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

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QA consulting

Over 10 years of experience, our QA Consulting team is now a leading provider of consulting services to a lot of businesses working in various industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and many other. We are invited by organizations for auditing and improving all aspects of their developed software including UI/UX, security, performance, etc.

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Functional testing

Functional testing is performed as a quality assurance process by our specialists to test the functions of your developed software/app in different formats including:
. Unit testing
.Component testing
.Regression testing
.API testing
.UI testing

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Usability testing and UX audit

Usability testing and UX audit are the most important parts of our QA and software testing services to unleash the potential of your products. Through UX audit, the SDD Technology team infer problems from a set of pre-established standards or goals, then by usability testing, infer problems from user actions.

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Integration testing

Integration testing is conducted by our Software Testing and QA experts in the process of combining individual software modules and testing them as a group to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified functional requirements.

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Performance testing

By conducting performance testing which is usually executed to examine speed, robustness, reliability and resource consumption, we evaluate that how good is your software at performing its responsiveness and stability under a particular workload.

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Experience next-Gen software testing and full suite QA services with us!

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Ensured testing quality and data security

We offer our testing services according to ISO 9001-certified quality management system and the ultimate purpose of our QA and Software Testing professionals is to guarantee our customers' data security based on ISO 27001-certification.

Transparent reporting

To guarantee complete and systematic QA and Software Testing services and ensure full transparency over the performed testing activities, we provide all required text reports under ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2013.

Testing with business continuity in mind

Our QA and Software Testing Services have a deep insight into all business processes and any types of software development, which enables them to not merely test your software, but ensure it provides for the continuity of your business operations.

Managed testing services

Our QA and Software Testing experts are ready to take over a part of the whole process of testing activities and test process management to evaluate the quality of your software under reliable tests and make your software free from any bugs or issues.

Support different application types

Our professional QA team will help you stay ahead of the competition with quality software released on time for all types of platforms and components including web applications, mobile apps, desktop applications, databases.

Test automation for better quality outcomes

To help you accelerate releases and increase test coverage, we combine manual and automated testing and apply our experience with trusted automation frameworks, such as automated test data generation, UI testing, API testing, etc.

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Functional testing

Functional testing is the first step in our QA and Software Testing Services process which is done to evaluate that the software works correctly and that all functions and business logic meet the requirements. In this stage, we will perform all necessary testing processes such as regression testing to maintain the stability of the product after each change, or cross-browser testing to ensure that the web application works well in different browsers and on different screen sizes.

Non-functional testing

In the second stage, our professional quality assurance team conducts non-functional testing, including usability testing and user experience evaluation to check the usability of the app interface and localization and ensure that the software works well in any situation, in any localization, and on any device.

Stress testing

Stress testing done in the third stage involves testing the stability of your web / mobile app in various situations, as well as testing system performance under peak loads. This will allow us to analyze the system's ability to recover from failures and adapt it to high loads.

Mobile testing

Testing mobile applications begins with a code review, checking adaptation to different device sizes and performance on different versions of operating systems and device models. The whole process is fulfilled by conducting manual and automatic functional checks to ensure everything is just in place.
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What is the difference between QA and software testing?

Quality Assurance is the process of implementing different methods and using different tools throughout to ensure the efficiency of any software and confirm that it is developed according to the defined specifications. On the other hand, software testing evaluates quality, security, and adequate system operation. Both QA and Software Testing Services can help you assure your software's functionality is perfect or fix any potential issues before releasing your web / mobile app to the market.


What are software testing services?

Software testing services are the process of verifying your software functionality to comply with the required and expected specifications. The most popular software testing services are provided by performing functional and non-functional testing, integration testing, regression testing, exploratory testing, performance testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, and security testing.


What are QA services?

Quality assurance (QA) services in software development, is the process of using extensive software testing to ensure that applications have no bugs, issues, or vulnerabilities. QA services aren’t just about bug fixing but it involves the implementation of best coding practices that produce fewer bugs in the first place. QA services give your company full control over all quality aspects of your software application to help you create the best possible product for your customers.