Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering

Product Engineering Services

We are ready to bring the dream of building and growing a unique software system to life for every business by developing their custom digital product.

Our Product Engineering team can help you identify potential opportunities and create a solution within the strategy for offering your products to the customers. Our approach is based on a flexible and scalable methodology that keeps your business moving forward.

As a reliable partner, we deeply engage with your business in an agile way to:

  • identify the right-sized delivery strategy your customers truly need;
  • select the right technology and necessary tools to build an effective product;
  • manage the plan to build what is needed based on your goals.

Our product Engineering experts know that every product has a unique feature. That’s exactly what we focus on to help you suppress your competitors and create the best experience for your customers as they never had.

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o create custom software for your business, SDD Technology's experienced product Engineering services team is ready to partner closely with you to define, build, and evolve compelling, high-performing product solutions in various shapes and sizes.

Our team specializes in:

  • Sharing knowledge and upskill your team throughout the development
  • Developing SaaS and business process automation software.
  • Managing operations, and support teams.
  • Deployment and maintenance of the complex and high-loaded solutions.
  • Creating the B2B and B2C customer-facing solutions.
  • Building the systems needed to support mission-critical operations and delivery of customer services.
  • Tackling complex engineering challenges and large-scale development requirements.

Whether starting from scratch or aiming to improve or scale up your current business, our product engineering experts have the most powerful abilities and are equipped with the most recent technologies to develop unique, cutting-edge products empowering you to deliver more than expected to your customers.


Product Engineering Services


Software Architecture Design

You can rely on our professional expertise in designing, developing, and launching digital products with support for multiple platforms.

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Custom Software Development

Over 10 years of experience, we are now skillful enough to offer Custom Software Development to our clients for building their unique and cutting-edge solutions.

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High-Load System Development

We had successful cases in creating efficient, scalable, and reliable solutions with the most robust software architecture for handling high-load systems.

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AR and VR Solutions

Our AR and VR solutions ensure that customers receive a high-quality and diverse user experience.

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IoT Technologies

We utilize the most advanced IoT Technologies to keep software solutions secure, robust, and scalable.

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CRM and ERP Systems

We utilize the most advanced technologies in CRM and ERP engineering to ensure security, scalability, reliability, and proper data model and system integration design.

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Amplify your business value with our product engineering services!

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we offer

Product engineering for Big Industries

With Product Engineering Services, SDD Technology can present unprecedented opportunities for new revenue streams for ambitious companies and large-scale businesses across different industries.

Logistics & Transportation industries

Our Product Engineering experts can offer solutions for solving various logistics challenges with the use of dedicated engineering methods for Management and Production Engineering based on technical, economic, IT, and organizational knowledge.

Health & Fitness organizations

As a leading provider of Product Engineering Services for Health and Fitness organizations, we are ready to offer innovative tools and techniques for sports product development, combining virtual and physical design and prototyping in our digital design suite and introduce new Sports & Exercise Equipment or Fitness & Gym Equipment to the market in a competitive way.

Real Estate & construction industries

By offering the most advanced product engineering services for businesses working in the real estate and construction industries, we can make a difference in the sector's digital transformation. Our specialized team delivers the qualified executives needed to meet the requirements of property and construction companies for offering their products and services on cloud-based platforms.

E-Commerce websites and online stores

The aim of our Product Engineering team for e-commerce is to focus on developing solid products and reinforce the business by handling the technical scope and using business intelligence (BI) tools to understand crucial information, e.g. how your customers are behaving on your website or why they're choosing or rejecting specific products or services.

Banking, Financial and Insurance industries

SDD Technology engineers have a long track record in supporting both startups or established financial organizations in staying ahead of banking, financial, and insurance sectors by providing product engineering services helping them reimagine their business models, transform their business by leveraging technologies, find valuable business insights and enrich security of end-products.

Travel & Hospitality industry

Our dedicated product Engineering team collaborates with travel & hospitality companies to deliver comprehensive point of sale products & software for cloud web solutions.




Transparent workflow

We provide transparent workflow by providing real-time performance monitoring, task and time tracking, online timesheet, surveillance camera, and regular workspace screenshots.

Industrial expertise

Our experienced and talented professionals have excellent infrastructure capabilities and industrial expertise for engineering products according to your business requirements.


We use the most suitable technology stack for each project and master in handling more than 100 technologies and programming languages.

Customized solution

We are ready to offer and develop the customized solution you need in accordance with your business processes, priorities, and long-term goals.


You can rely on our product engineering team to support your IT infrastructure with weekly / monthly regular reports on expenses, team status, time spent, project progress, bug report, and much more.

Quality guarantee

As we are cooperating with numerous professionals and technical experts, we guarantee the highest level of expertise of our specialists, and we give a guarantee of free replacement of outstaffed developers if necessary.

To deliver product engineering services


Discovery phase

The discovery phase is the first step in the creation of every digital product. At this stage, we analyze the entire requirements for the product, determine the customer's expectations, and define the strategy to create a successful product.

Architecture design

During the architecture design stage for product engineering development, we define the overall system architecture, describe functional and non-functional requirements, security requirements, and define the technology stack as well.

UX and prototyping

During this stage of our Product Engineering services, our team compose user flows and decomposes business logic into small steps. Finally, we create wireframes connected to an interactive prototype.


In the development stage, the developer team starts to build software by writing code using the provided architecture. The designers give the final shape to the product, and the developers implement the functional modules.


In this stage, we test the software under different loads and in different situations, devices, and operating systems. This process guarantees that the product developed by our experts has an expected impact on customers and offers them exactly what they need.


After complete testing, the engineered products are ready to release for public access. At this stage, the infrastructure is set up on the release server, the final version is deployed, and the products are introducing to the market.

Release and maintenance

According to a service level agreement (SLA), we guarantee the continued support and development of the product engineering services including regular updates and adjustments. In addition, this is the stage at which we consider feedback from real customers to redesign or modify the strategy of offering products if needed.

Scaling and high load adaptation

In this stage, our Product Engineering team plans for an adaptation of the generic strategies by considering economies of scale and high-load factors to develop the best methods for scaling up your business.
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What are product engineering services?

Product engineering services aim to provide engineering consulting in different phases of the product lifecycle. It's applied in designing and introducing complex digital products by combining various hardware, embedded, and software solutions.


What should be a good product engineer?

A good product engineer must have a strong interest in thinking about the marketing strategy of selling products, and a deep understanding of the business, as well as genuine empathy to how customers expect to find, purchase and use the products, and how to take advantage of different technologies to help the business offer their products as a unique solution in the market and suppress their competitors.


What skills does a product engineer need?

There are some essential skills and expertise that product engineers need, including:

  • Acting as a reliable member in a teamwork process.
  • Having innovative and creative thinking.
  • Having the ability for interpersonal communication.
  • Having a strong insight into IT.
  • Experience in bringing digital solutions through all essential stages from prototyping to scaling.