X-logistics, Development of a Transportation Management System (TMS) for Trucking Company

Logistics & Transportation
PHP, React, Kotlin, Swift


Our customer, one of the leading players in the transport and logistics market in Central Asia, approached us with the need to automate their document flow, integrate an order tracking system, and provide a client application for cargo tracking.


The main challenge we faced was developing a comprehensive software solution that could handle a wide range of business processes, including document management, CRM, driver interaction, and cargo tracking. We needed to ensure seamless integration and efficiency across the entire logistics chain.


To address these challenges, we developed a robust toolkit that allowed drivers to easily fill out order reports and update order statuses. We provided customers with a personalized account where they could track the status and location of their orders in real-time. Additionally, we integrated a system that sent notifications to customers about any changes in order status or arrival at the destination. A key feature of the service was the integration module with vehicle sensors, which enabled continuous monitoring of cargo conditions.


The delivered product offers a range of essential functionalities:

  1. Workflow automation
  2. Vehicle tracking
  3. Notification system for order status updates
  4. Time and cost calculator for transportation
  5. Multi-modal transportation management
  6. Fleet management
  7. Integration with various sensors

Key features of the product include real-time tracking of vehicle and driver movements, support for mobile applications tailored to different roles (driver, forwarder, courier, sales representative, etc.), and compatibility with various mapping services for accurate traffic forecasting. The system efficiently manages employees, cargo, and rolling stock, reducing human errors and optimizing routes. It also integrates with accounting systems, provides fuel and traffic control, and offers synchronization with other telematics and GPS/GLONASS trackers.

The planning module utilizes OpenStreetMap with additional map layers to optimize route planning based on real-time data and specific requirements. The system incorporates visual tools for both automatic and manual planning, allowing for customization and readjustment based on real-time conditions and restrictions.

Telematics, mobile applications, and the customer portal enhance communication and monitoring capabilities. The horizontally scalable telematics module handles large volumes of GPS objects, collects and analyzes data from sensors and cameras, and tracks planned routes. Triggers and notifications are set up to inform dispatchers and clients about deviations from planned routes or times.

Technologies and Tools

To ensure reliability and scalability, we adopted a microservices architecture. The technologies used in the development of X-logistics include PHP for the backend, React for frontend development, Kotlin for Android app development, Swift for iOS app development, and Figma for prototyping and design. These technologies ensure a robust, scalable, and user-friendly transportation management system for our customer's trucking company.

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X-logistics, Development of a Transportation Management System (TMS) for Trucking Company