Kovalska, Development of a Fleet Management System for a Concrete Factory

Logistics & Transportation
.Net, PHP, React Native


The customer for this project is Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group, the largest manufacturer of concrete and concrete structures in Ukraine. They specialize in the production and sale of construction materials, as well as providing construction services for infrastructure projects.


Kovalska faced several challenges in their operations, including optimizing the use of plant resources, planning shifts and workload for transportation vehicles, automating dispatchers' work, managing drivers and hired transport, and effectively planning concrete production for different types of orders.


To address these challenges, we used our software package containing dozens of pre-built solutions for all supply chain needs, TocanSoft Solution, to provide a comprehensive solution that included the implementation of a Transport Management System (TMS) and Yard Management System (YMS). The TMS module enabled efficient management of production resources, scheduling formulas and volumes, and facilitating quick adjustments to orders and deliveries. The YMS module optimized fleet planning by accurately predicting the required number of vehicles and incorporating real-time order forecasting. The system also automated order change management, driver operations, and client interaction through a mobile application and client portal.


By implementing TocanSoft's TMS and YMS systems, Kovalska achieved significant improvements in their operations. They experienced enhanced resource utilization, reduced downtime, improved reaction time to changes, streamlined dispatching processes, and efficient driver management. The automated systems provided real-time data and reporting, enabling better decision-making and performance evaluation. Additionally, the client interaction features improved communication and customer satisfaction.

Technologies and Tools

.Net, PHP, React Native

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Kovalska, Development of a Fleet Management System for a Concrete Factory