Wendy, Development an AI Smart Assistant

Information Technology
React Native, Python, Node.js


Wendy is a mobile smart assistant that aims to provide users with a convenient and interactive experience.


The main challenge in this project was to create a modern mobile application that seamlessly integrates with an intelligent chatbot engine. The chatbot needed to be capable of conducting dialogues, understanding user commands, and executing tasks accordingly.


To address this challenge, we utilized natural language processing (NLP) technology to develop a powerful engine at the core of the Wendy smart assistant. This engine incorporated advanced logic inference and request processing capabilities. We then built a native mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms, integrating it with the intelligent chatbot engine.


The delivered product, Wendy, has proven to be a versatile and helpful mobile smart assistant. It offers various functionalities to users, including:

  • Booking services: Users can easily book car washes, refueling, and maintenance services.
  • Ordering services: Wendy facilitates tasks like flower delivery or calling a repairman.
  • Conversational capabilities: Users can engage in simple conversations with Wendy, who can also provide jokes and entertainment.
  • Payment processing: Wendy supports secure payment processing for seamless transactions.

Wendy has successfully transformed into a reliable and efficient smart assistant, enhancing users' convenience and delivering a range of useful services through its intuitive mobile application and intelligent chatbot engine.

Technologies and Tools

The Wendy smart assistant relies on the following technologies and tools:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine: Developed using NLP and graph algorithms, implemented in Perl and Python programming languages.
  • Mobile application: Built using React Native, a cross-platform technology that enables development for both iOS and Android.
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Wendy, Development an AI Smart Assistant