WeDiscover, Development an Event Organizers Platform

Typescript, Node.js with Nest.js, Vue.js with Nuxt.js and Vuetify


WeDiscover is a platform for organizing events, bringing local communities together, scheduling and advertising events, selling tickets, and providing useful courses. It caters to event organizers and attendees who are seeking a convenient and engaging platform to discover, join, and create various events.


The main challenge we faced was to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the WeDiscover platform that encompassed essential features. These features included the ability for event organizers to create customized event pages, integrate a reliable and secure payment system like Stripe, implement community-focused functionalities such as group creation and chat, and provide access to online courses and a blog. Another key aspect was designing and implementing a robust event search functionality that was flexible and delivered fast and accurate results.


To tackle the challenge, our team conducted in-depth research and analysis to devise a solution that met the project requirements. We focused on designing a scalable system architecture to ensure future growth and avoid early refactoring. This included careful integration of the payment system, analytics system, and event search functionality.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design played a crucial role in the development process. Our team utilized Figma to create a visually appealing and intuitive design that provided a seamless user experience. Extensive user scenario research was conducted to ensure that the platform met the needs and expectations of both event organizers and attendees.


The successful outcome of our efforts resulted in the launch of a fully functional version of the WeDiscover platform. Event organizers can now leverage the platform to gather their communities, effortlessly create and manage events, and enjoy the various benefits offered by the product. Attendees are provided with a unique space to discover events, interact with like-minded individuals, and easily purchase tickets. Additionally, the platform incorporates a map feature, allowing users to find events in their desired locations. The group chat functionality enables users to connect and engage with other attendees, fostering a sense of community.

WeDiscover search event page

Technologies and Tools

To develop the WeDiscover platform, we employed a robust technology stack that ensured efficiency, reliability, and scalability:

  • Typescript: A typed superset of JavaScript that enhances code quality and maintainability.
  • Node.js with Nest.js: A powerful combination for building scalable and performant server-side applications.
  • Vue.js with Nuxt.js: A versatile JavaScript framework for creating dynamic and interactive user interfaces.
  • Vuetify: A popular Material Design component framework that provides a comprehensive set of UI components.

These technologies and tools were carefully chosen to deliver a secure, efficient, and engaging platform for event organizers and attendees alike.

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WeDiscover, Development an Event Organizers Platform