Slant, Development of Social Service for Creating and Exploring Polls

Information Technology
PHP, Sketch, Flutter. Java, Swift


Slant (startup).


As a startup, Slant faced the challenge of creating a socially functional service that could handle a large user base and provide an engaging mobile app experience with captivating animations and visual effects. They needed to ensure scalability and user satisfaction while differentiating themselves in the market.


To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive solution for Slant. Our team built native mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms using Java and Swift, respectively. These mobile apps were designed to offer a seamless and intuitive user experience, with attractive animations and visual effects created using the Flutter framework. Additionally, we designed web-based widgets using PHP to allow easy embedding of Slant polls into any website. The design team used Sketch, a powerful design tool, to create visually appealing interfaces and ensure a consistent and user-friendly experience across all platforms.


The launched version of Slant achieved its goals and delivered a range of valuable features to its users. These included a personalized poll feed, enabling users to discover relevant polls tailored to their interests. Users, as well as business accounts, were able to create polls effortlessly, enhancing engagement and participation. The advanced search engine facilitated easy exploration of polls based on specific topics or keywords. The followers and following mechanics allowed users to connect with like-minded individuals and stay updated on their poll activity. Slant also supported various types of polls, such as multi-choice and rating, providing a diverse range of options for users to express their opinions. Overall, Slant's solution proved successful in attracting and retaining a growing user base while providing an enjoyable and interactive polling experience.

Technologies and Tools

During the development process, we utilized PHP for the web-based widgets, Sketch for designing visually appealing interfaces, and Flutter for creating captivating animations and visual effects. The native mobile applications were developed using Java for Android and Swift for iOS platforms, ensuring optimal performance and native user experiences.

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Slant, Development of Social Service for Creating and Exploring Polls