Etrok, Development of Smart House System

Information Technology
Swift, Java, Sketch, PHP, NodeJS


Etrok (digital service for smart homes).


Our collaboration with construction companies and developers aimed to enhance the intelligence, safety, and comfort of homes. As the responsible party for delivering a high-quality product to residents, we faced the challenge of creating a robust solution that would meet their expectations and enhance their living experience.


To address the challenge, we designed and developed a mobile application that serves as a centralized control hub for every aspect of the smart home. We implemented a distributed processing system to effectively manage sensors and equipment, ensuring seamless integration and control. The final product was branded with an engaging design that reflects the modern and innovative nature of smart homes. To date, numerous families continue to enjoy the advantages of living in a smart home through our solution.


The delivered product, the Etrok mobile application, offers users a wide range of features to enhance their smart home experience. Biometric authorization ensures secure access, while the integration with the intercom system enables convenient visitor management. Access to the CCTV system provides real-time monitoring for added security. Users can easily communicate with service organizations and neighbors through messaging capabilities. The app also allows control of locks and guest access, ensuring convenience and flexibility. Moreover, the integration of leak, fire, and penetration sensors enhances home safety and alerts users in case of emergencies.

Through our solution, we have successfully provided residents with a comprehensive tool to interact with their smart home environment. The combination of intuitive controls, advanced features, and reliable performance has made the Etrok app a valuable asset for homeowners seeking a safe and comfortable living experience.

Technologies and Tools

Our design department utilized Sketch and Principle to create an impressive user interface with enjoyable animations. The native mobile applications for iOS and Android were developed using Swift and Java, respectively, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. The backend of the system relies on PHP and node.js modules, providing a reliable foundation for data processing and communication.

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Etrok, Development of Smart House System