Development of Patient Management for a Leading Private Clinic in the UK

PHP, JavaScript (JS)


A renowned private clinic located in the UK (Client's identity withheld due to NDA).


Our client, a distinguished private clinic, confronted the need to optimize and automate their patient management system. Their objectives included enhancing operational efficiency, elevating patient care standards, and maintaining precise medical records. To achieve these goals, the clinic required a dependable technology partner well-versed in the healthcare industry. They sought a solution that would cater to their unique requirements while upholding strict data security and privacy regulations.


SDD Technology emerged as the chosen technology partner to conceptualize and implement an advanced patient management system. The project's pivotal deliverables encompassed:

  1. Comprehensive Patient Profiles: We devised an intuitive system to create and oversee detailed patient profiles, encompassing medical histories, treatment plans, and contact particulars.
  2. Appointment Booking and Reminders: An integrated calendar system empowered patients to conveniently schedule appointments online, obtain automated reminders, and effectively manage forthcoming visits.
  3. Seamless Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration: SDD Technology seamlessly harmonized the patient management system with the clinic's pre-existing EHR framework, ensuring seamless and secure data exchange.
  4. Telehealth Excellence: The system was fortified with robust video conferencing capabilities, facilitating secure remote consultations and follow-ups.


Our work led to a streamlined patient management system, boosting operational efficiency and communication. Patients enjoyed personalized care through comprehensive profiles and convenient online booking, while automated reminders reduced no-shows. The integration of electronic health records ensured regulatory compliance. This impactful solution improved the clinic's performance and elevated patient satisfaction, showcasing the fruitful partnership's success.

Technologies and Tools

  • AWS Infrastructure
  • PHP
  • JavaScript (JS)
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Development of Patient Management for a Leading Private Clinic in the UK