Development and Digital Transformation of Taxi Services with a Ride-Hailing App

Logistics & Transportation
Kotlin, Swift, PHP


The customer is a taxi service provider with over 16 years of experience in the industry, located in Urengoy City, Russia. They sought to automate and digitalize their taxi operations to provide a modern and efficient ride-hailing experience for both drivers and passengers.


The customer faced the challenge of transitioning from traditional taxi services to a digital platform that could compete with industry giants like Yandex and Uber. They needed a comprehensive ride-hailing application that catered to both drivers and passengers, offering features such as real-time booking, driver tracking, and seamless communication.


SDD Technology developed a custom ride-hailing application that consisted of separate apps for drivers and passengers, written in Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS, and PHP for the backend. Let's explore the key features of the solution:

Passenger App:

The passenger app provided a user-friendly interface for booking rides, selecting destinations, and tracking driver locations in real time. It offered features such as estimated arrival times, fare calculation, and multiple payment options for a convenient and seamless experience.

Driver App:

The driver app enabled drivers to receive ride requests, navigate to pick-up locations, and provide efficient and reliable transportation services. It included features like GPS tracking, trip history, earnings overview, and communication tools to ensure smooth coordination with passengers and the dispatcher.

Dispatcher Functionality:

In addition to passenger and driver apps, the solution incorporated a dispatcher functionality that allowed passengers to make phone calls to the dispatcher for ride requests. Dispatchers could then assign the requests to available drivers through the app, streamlining the coordination process and optimizing service efficiency.

Automated Matching and Routing:

The application utilized advanced algorithms to automatically match passenger requests with available drivers based on proximity, availability, and ride preferences. It also optimized routing for drivers, ensuring the most efficient routes to minimize travel time and maximize customer satisfaction.

Payment Integration:

The ride-hailing app integrated with popular payment gateways, enabling passengers to make cashless transactions securely. It offered options for credit/debit card payments, digital wallets, and other preferred payment methods, providing flexibility and convenience to passengers.

Admin Panel:

A comprehensive admin panel was developed to facilitate the management of the entire taxi service operations. It included features such as driver and vehicle management, ride analytics, customer support tools, and the ability to generate reports and insights for business decision-making.


The digital transformation of the taxi service through the ride-hailing app provided numerous benefits. It improved overall operational efficiency, reduced manual coordination efforts, and enhanced the customer experience. Passengers benefited from easy booking, real-time tracking, and multiple payment options, while drivers enjoyed streamlined ride assignments and optimized routing. The customer successfully transitioned into the digital era, gaining a competitive edge in the local market.

Technologies and Tools

  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • PHP
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Development and Digital Transformation of Taxi Services with a Ride-Hailing App