CarZis, Development of an OBD II/ELM327 Mobile Application for a Car Scanning

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Node.js, Java, MySQL


CarZis is designed for car enthusiasts, vehicle owners, and automotive professionals who want to have a powerful and professional OBD2 car scanner at their fingertips. Whether you are purchasing a new car, performing vehicle maintenance, or simply curious about your vehicle's diagnostics, CarZis provides the necessary tools to understand and analyze your car's performance.


The challenge was to develop a mobile application that transforms smartphones and tablets into advanced OBD2 code readers, providing users with real-time access to their vehicle's diagnostics. We aimed to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface that would make car scanning and understanding accessible to everyone.


To tackle this challenge, we developed CarZis, an innovative mobile application that connects seamlessly with ELM327 adapters. We studied the experiences of other industry players to identify the most suitable technology stack and design concepts. Our team explored multiple interface options, conducting extensive testing to ensure optimal usability and performance.


CarZis revolutionizes the way users interact with their vehicles. The application empowers users to view engine fault codes with detailed descriptions, including specific manufacturer error codes. Real-time vehicle information is displayed, allowing users to monitor critical parameters such as air temperature, lambda O2 sensors, RPM, torque, fuel pressure, and more. With over 30 available parameters, CarZis provides a comprehensive understanding of vehicle diagnostics.

Technologies and Tools

CarZis was built using the following technologies and tools:

  • ELM327 adapters (WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth mini)
  • Node.js for backend development
  • Java for mobile app development
  • MySQL for data storage and retrieval
  • Internet connectivity for real-time updates and data synchronization

CarZis continues to evolve with constant updates and new features, enNode.js, Java, MySQLsuring that users have access to the latest advancements in car scanning technology. Our commitment to an intuitive user interface and seamless user experience sets CarZis apart as the go-to OBD2 car scanner for vehicle owners and automotive professionals alike.

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CarZis, Development of an OBD II/ELM327 Mobile Application for a Car Scanning