Brotrade, Development of a Trading Marketplace for E-Sports games' Digital Assets

Java, React, Sketch


Brotrade (trading marketplace for eSports games digital assets).


Brotrade faced the challenge of developing a trading platform that could handle high loads, ensure reliable performance, and provide secure payment transactions for its users. The platform needed to support multiple eSports games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2. Additionally, the platform aimed to offer manual trading as well as automated bots utilizing the marketplace API.


Our engineering team tackled the challenge by developing Brotrade as a web-based service with an open API. This allowed users to implement their own automated trading algorithms while ensuring high speed and secure payments. Extensive work was done on the product to deliver an intuitive user interface that would enhance the trading experience. To guarantee an additional level of security, authorization via Steam was implemented.


The Brotrade trading marketplace offers users a range of features and functionalities, including Steam authorization for a seamless login process. The open API allows users to create custom trading bots and implement their own trading strategies. The platform provides a secure payment system to ensure the safety of transactions. Real-time analytics offer users valuable insights into market trends and asset values. A personalized system of ranks and discounts enhances user engagement and loyalty. Additionally, the platform integrates with social networks, allowing users to connect and share their trading experiences.

By delivering the Brotrade trading marketplace, we provided a robust and feature-rich platform that meets the high demands of eSports digital asset trading. The combination of secure payments, real-time analytics, and personalized features contributes to a seamless and rewarding trading experience for Brotrade users.

Technologies and Tools

In the development process, our designers utilized Sketch to create an appealing and user-friendly UI. The back-end of Brotrade was built using Java, leveraging its robustness and scalability. The front-end was developed using React, enabling a dynamic and responsive user interface. The platform incorporated built-in trading AI algorithms and integrated seamlessly with various payment instruments to facilitate secure transactions.

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Brotrade, Development of a Trading Marketplace for E-Sports games' Digital Assets