BelStepAR, Development of an Augmented Reality Staircase Visualization Tool

Unity, C#, Figma, Blender


BelStep is a company specializing in the manufacture and production of stairs.


The challenge was to develop an application that would enable the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D models of stairs to visualize and measure them on-site at construction sites. The goal was to provide a tool that would allow the company's master to showcase different stair models in real-time and demonstrate how they would look in the designated opening where the stairs would be installed. Additionally, the application needed to streamline the contract preparation process by generating electronic contracts on the spot and attaching photos with measurements and selected 3D models.


To address these challenges, we created a mobile application that leverages AR technology and integrates 3D stair models. The application allows the company's master to use the AR tool on-site at construction sites, providing an interactive and immersive experience for clients. They can visualize different stair models in real-time, make measurements, and demonstrate the final look within the designated opening where the stairs will be installed. Moreover, the application streamlines the contract preparation process by automatically generating electronic contracts and attaching relevant photos and 3D model selections.


The developed application has had a significant impact on BelStep's operations. It has greatly facilitated their work with clients at construction sites by providing a visual representation of different stair models and allowing for precise measurements within the designated opening. This enhanced visualization and convenience have led to a 35% increase in sales, as clients can now make informed decisions based on the realistic representation of stairs in the actual installation location. The streamlined contract preparation process further contributes to the overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

By utilizing the AR and 3D modeling capabilities of the application, BelStep has been able to provide an innovative and engaging experience for their clients at construction sites, resulting in improved sales and customer satisfaction.

Technologies and Tools

Unity, C#, Figma, Blender

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BelStepAR, Development of an Augmented Reality Staircase Visualization Tool