Product Engineering

product engineering services
What We Do?

Often, we work on real challenges, where it is required not only to develop an application or website according to the client's requirements, but also to independently conduct a business analysis, formulate terms of reference for development, staff a team, and accompany a project from idea to release to the end-user and beyond.
During product engineering, our software architects, analysts, UI designers, and others work on a wide range of interrelated tasks. Software product design usually starts with creating certain deliverables: project mind map, user story map, interactive prototype, competitive analysis report, terms of reference for development, development plan, and estimate.

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s a technical back office for our clients, we remove all the headaches associated with product development and maintenance, which allows stakeholders to focus on business development. we, focusing on business tasks, form a product development roadmap and move along it.

We Provide:
  • product discovery
  • software design
  • architecture design
  • composing and leading a remote development team
  • full cycle of product development and release to the market