WebsitePlanet Exclusive Interview with CEO of SDD Technology

In an exclusive interview with WebsitePlanet, our CEO, Hossein Fakhr, sheds light on how SDD-Technology has become the preferred choice for 245+ businesses in building over 250 mobile apps, 150 web applications, and numerous computer applications.

Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  1. A Journey of Passion and Growth:
    Hossein, an Iranian physicist turned entrepreneur, founded SDD-Technology in 2011, truly flourishing in 2015. Despite visa challenges, he built a team dedicated to delivering high-quality IT products.
  2. Diverse Project Portfolio:
    From developing products for a major restaurant investor to creating a logistics taxi app akin to Uber, SDD-Technology has grown to handle government contracts, managing over 100,000 vehicles in a MENA country.
  3. Tech Stack Evolution:
    SDD-Technology's tech stack includes PHP, JAVA, .NET, JS, Kotlin, Swift, and Flutter, with recent ventures into artificial intelligence and language models.
  4. Client-Centric Approach:
    SDD-Technology doesn't just have clients; they have partners. Hossein emphasizes an individualized approach, offering consultations even if it doesn't directly profit the company. The team's proactive communication and problem-solving set them apart.
  5. Why Clients Choose SDD-Technology:
    Clients appreciate SDD-Technology's openness, collaborative work ethic, and reliability. Several clients, including a web development company and TocanSoft, merged or invited SDD-Technology into their businesses due to trust and reputation.
  6. Long-Term Growth Strategy:
    SDD-Technology prioritizes being genuinely useful, maintaining long-term relationships, and utilizing tools like HubSpot for effective CRM. The company's growth is attributed to its commitment to integrity and trust.
  7. Insights on Industry Trends:
    Hossein provides valuable insights on the challenges of entering the IT industry and emphasizes the importance of marketing before rushing into development. He foresees the industry moving towards more complex products with the rise of artificial intelligence.
  8. Future Roadmap:
    SDD-Technology plans to leverage its expertise in supply chains and artificial intelligence. They are exploring AI applications in healthcare, focusing on projects like early cancer detection and dental caries identification.

Read the full interview on WebsitePlanet.

Dive into the visionary insights of CEO Hossein Fakhr and discover why businesses trust SDD-Technology for their IT needs!

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