CRM/ERP Development

What We Do

We are developing custom solutions for business automation, whether it is a small, medium or large business.We will provide a full cycle of developing CRM / ERP systems, from analyzing your business needs to developing MVP, its improvements and support.


Customer relationship management are suitable for sales of goods and services, marketing, managing  potential and existing customers.


Enterprise Resource Planning aimed to manage company resources. The program allows exchanging information and distributing tasks between departments.
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How We Can Help You?

We will study your business, find out the business needs and develop a system specifically for your needs. This will allow you to increase revenue, improve the quality of customer service, facilitate document management, reduce expenses and increase customer satisfaction. Also manage the purchase funnel and keep financial accounting.

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ow it will help you and your business, what solutions you can expect.
Customer relationship management is a technology for business management.

It allows us to achieve the following:
  • customer management
  • automate the purchase funnel of goods and services
  • will help you in marketing
  • billing
  • automatic document management

Enterprise Resource Planning is a technology for managing company resources.

The program allows you to:
  • share information and distribute tasks between departments
  • sales management
  • personnel management
  • management and automation of financial accounting
  • stock accounting system