Why is Ukraine a Perfect Place for Outsourcing?

November 21, 2019

ondering this question we arrived at the conclusion, that this is due to the huge number of first-class specialists in the field of IT. Rather than anywhere else, Ukraine counts the largest percentage of people working in this area. Ukrainian outsourcing companies are in great demand among foreign customers. So what is the secret to success?

Eminently suitable education

More and more students prefer technical specialties along with humanitarian ones.

From year to year and the advent of new technologies on the market, future developers, project leads, project managers and other specialists delve into technologies and improve their skills and knowledge.

Many foreign experts come to Ukraine and visit different conferences, business trainings and lectures from our engineers to adopt experience or share knowledge in one or another area of the huge “metropolis” of the IT sphere.

Business conduct

Ukraine is well distinguished by its business culture and the introduction of new business strategies, such as Scram for example. We should recall that the experts themselves with an incredible excitement strive to solve complex problems or extraordinary requirements in order to implement the functionality. Ukrainians are very disciplined in matters of work and are diligently struggling with procrastination and satisfy customers with compliance of deadlines.

Wide technical approach

It often happens that when interviewing someone for the position of React JS developer, it turns out that person also knows Node JS and Java, for example. Thus, hiring a person to a certain position, the project manager provides himself with insurance in case the customer’s requirements change dramatically. PM doesn’t have to hire another one or one more person for the same project.


Ukraine has established itself as a country that meets the highest requirements of employers in technical terms. Timeliness and quality are valued first. That is why business mastodons such as BMW, Volkswagen, HP, E-commerce Systems, IBM and many others command the services of Ukrainian companies.


In comparison with other countries, it is easier for a foreign customer to estimate the benefit from the services of a Ukrainian outsourcing company, which may well provide first-class service at an affordable price, which is usually 40-60% lower than others propose.

A noteworthy detail is that many customers also accentuated on the employees themselves. They were impressed by the fact that the Ukrainians are very sociable. Regardless of what time zone the customer lives in, he can always depend on quick feedback.

We know that there are still some other, less or more important reasons why Ukraine has become a leading country in the field of outsourcing, but these 5 have become the most decisive.

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