Top 10 Load Boards for Freight Carriers in North America

June 2, 2023

1. DAT Load Board

DAT is the industry-leading load board platform, connecting carriers with a vast network of shippers and brokers. With over 183 million loads posted annually and 1.3 million daily load and truck searches, DAT offers extensive load availability. Their user-friendly interface and powerful search filters allow carriers to find suitable loads quickly. DAT also provides valuable market insights, including rate data and lane trends, to help carriers make informed decisions. Pricing plans vary based on features and usage, with options for monthly subscriptions or pay-as-you-go access.

2. is a comprehensive load board solution offering a wide range of load options across North America. With over 300,000 loads posted daily and over 1 million trucks available, carriers have abundant opportunities to find suitable matches. The platform provides advanced search filters, real-time load tracking, and automated booking tools for efficient load management. also offers additional services such as factoring and freight visibility solutions. Pricing plans are customizable based on specific needs, with options for monthly subscriptions or transaction-based fees.

3. 123Loadboard

123Loadboard is a user-friendly load board that simplifies the load searching process for carriers. With over 400,000 loads posted daily and 200,000 registered users, carriers have access to a large database of available loads. The platform offers features like personalized load alerts, credit scores for brokers, and integrated mileage and routing tools. Carriers can also track their business performance through detailed analytics. Pricing plans range from basic free access to premium subscriptions with enhanced features and load booking capabilities.

4. Convoy

Convoy is a digital freight network that connects carriers with shippers through their load board platform. They provide real-time visibility, instant rate confirmation, and automated paperwork, streamlining the booking process for carriers. Convoy's platform also offers access to their reliable carrier community, ensuring carriers can find quality loads. They provide transparent pricing with a built-in bidding system, allowing carriers to negotiate rates that work for them.

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5. Uber Freight

Uber Freight is an on-demand freight platform that connects carriers directly with shippers. Carriers can access their load board through the Uber Freight app, which provides real-time load visibility, upfront pricing, and fast payment options. The platform offers features such as personalized load recommendations, load tracking, and instant booking. Carriers can benefit from Uber Freight's extensive network of shippers and their commitment to reducing empty miles.

6. TransCore DAT Power

TransCore DAT Power is a load board specifically designed for carriers. It offers comprehensive load searching and negotiation tools, including the ability to bid on loads. The platform provides access to valuable market data and lane rates, helping carriers make informed decisions. TransCore DAT Power also offers additional features like broker credit reports and factoring services, streamlining carrier operations.

7. Getloaded

Getloaded is a load board platform focused on helping carriers find high-quality loads quickly and efficiently. They offer a user-friendly interface with advanced search filters, allowing carriers to narrow down their load preferences. Getloaded provides access to thousands of loads daily, with options for regional or nationwide searches. Carriers can also take advantage of features like load tracking, document management, and carrier ratings to ensure a smooth and reliable experience.

8. Loadlink

Loadlink is a Canadian load board that connects carriers with freight opportunities across Canada and the United States. It offers a reliable and trusted platform with a large database of available loads. Loadlink provides features such as automated load matching, advanced search filters, and integrated mileage calculations. Carriers can also benefit from additional services like freight invoicing and document management, enhancing their overall efficiency.

9. PostEverywhere

PostEverywhere is a load board service that allows carriers to post their available trucks and find matching loads from various brokers and shippers. Carriers can manage their postings from a centralized dashboard, reaching a wide network of potential partners. PostEverywhere offers competitive pricing plans based on the number of posts required, making it a cost-effective option for carriers.

10. is a load board platform that enables carriers to search for available loads, post their equipment, and manage their business operations effectively. Carriers can access a large database of loads, filter their search by various criteria, and negotiate rates directly with brokers and shippers. provides additional features like load tracking, document management, and a feedback system for enhanced transparency and accountability.

In conclusion

The top 10 load boards for freight carriers in North America provide valuable resources and platforms for carriers to connect with shippers and brokers, access a wide range of loads, and streamline their operations. DAT Load Board and stand out as industry leaders, offering extensive load availability, advanced search filters, and additional services. 123Loadboard provides a user-friendly interface with personalized load alerts and integrated tools.

Convoy and Uber Freight offer innovative digital freight networks, providing real-time visibility, automated booking, and transparent pricing. TransCore DAT Power and Getloaded offer comprehensive load searching tools and valuable market insights. Loadlink focuses on Canadian freight opportunities, while PostEverywhere and provide options for load posting and efficient business management.

Carriers should consider their specific needs, such as load availability, pricing plans, user interface, additional services, and geographic focus when selecting a load board. Evaluating these factors will help carriers find the load board that best aligns with their requirements and enhances their efficiency and profitability in the competitive freight industry.

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