The Ultimate Guide to SEO for e-Commerce Websites

July 21, 2021

There are many websites on the Internet, each of them at least operates in one area and some of them are active in several areas. The field of e-commerce is a little newer than other fields of business and requires more attention and focus. To be successful in this area, it is better to pay attention to various issues, one of these issues is related to SEO tips for e-commerce websites.

In the following, we will provide more details about this topic so that you can get acquainted with all the features and aspects of this topic.

What is an e-commerce website?

The first thing that needs to be understood as well as deeply is about websites that are related to e-commerce.

Contrary to popular belief that e-commerce came into being with the advent of the Internet, e-commerce has existed since 1960, about 30 years before the advent of the Internet; But the main point is that the over development of this field was shaped by the Internet. In fact, e-commerce is a customer-centric market that instead of conducting financial transactions and exchanges in a real context, in cyberspace and often based on digital currencies, stocks, securities, etc. is done.

But what is an e-commerce website? These types of websites provide good space and platform for people to work in the field of business. Due to the increasing number of these types of websites and sites, the amount of competition will certainly increase and the conditions of competition will become more difficult. In such a situation, the e-commerce website is the leader and winner in the field to be selected by Internet search engines and presented as the first offer to users and audiences.

To achieve such a thing, the rules of these search engines must be observed and act according to the algorithm that has been determined. We will introduce these algorithms and rules in the following so that you can have a better and broader approach to it. The most important topic that can guide search engines on the Internet is SEO.

SEO or the ultimate search engine guide for an e-commerce website

SEO means search engine optimization. In fact, by following the principles and rules of SEO, a search engine can introduce a website that is more in line with the user's needs.

Now imagine what would happen if your website could best match the maximum wants and needs of its customers? Of course, what happens is that every time a user searches in the search engines for the topic you are looking for, the Google engine or any other search engine matches the similar items between the individual and the website, and because it is more comprehensive Your website introduces it to the person as one of the initial suggestions.

Now that we have more information about e-commerce and its related website, it is better to get more familiar with SEO tips or the final guide of search engines for an e-commerce website.

1-Understand the importance of SEO

The first issue that arises is to be able to understand the importance and even vitality of the SEO issue. When you can understand how much SEO or optimization of a site can increase the number of visits to your site, you will definitely work harder than optimizing your site.

2. Research

Once you understand the importance of optimizing a site, you need to move on to the second step, which is research. This research is done to be able to get the important keywords or keywords as well as the information that competitors have on their sites. Do not forget that a search engine shows a site to the audience that has more common words with the phrase that the user has searched.

3-Specify your landing page

There are one or more landing pages on each site or website that are known as source and reference pages. These pages should be set up in such a way that if the user enters the website, they can direct him to the desired section. Landing pages should have the highest keyword density, and a proper and simple design is one of the important components of these pages that should not confuse users.

4-Specific and important keywords

One of the options that most SEO beginners are unaware of or even unaware of is specific keywords. It is better to explain this by giving an example. Suppose your website is about offering and selling "green tea". Now if you want to choose options like "green tea", "types of tea" or "black tea" as your keywords, you will certainly not get the SEO you expect.

This is because these keywords are all keywords that have little to do with the topic you are looking for; This means that a person who wants something about green tea in search engines is certainly not looking for different types of tea, but for the "properties of green tea", "disadvantages and disadvantages of green tea" and also "the difference between green tea and other teas".

The second issue regarding finding suitable and special keywords is that if you can find different keywords from other sites and these different keywords are richer and also more useful than your competitors' keywords, then it can be said. You will have a promising SEO website.

To find the most related keywords especially to your products or services on an eCommerce website, we recommend you to get help from Google Keyword Planner and pay attention to rough search volume and CPC to determine buyer intent. Then try using them in your content with proper distribution.

5-SEO content appearance

The fifth case is related to SEO and optimizing the appearance of content, which includes articles, content, product descriptions, and so on. SEO of this part of the content related to the absence of spelling mistakes, text paragraphing, line spacing, the proper density of keywords, having an introduction, body, and also conclusion in the content, observing the minimum and a maximum number of contents as well as appropriate photos, Be quality and relevant to the article.

6. Content of texts

The next thing you should pay attention to is the content of the texts that you publish on your websites. Nowadays, copying from texts published on other sites does not make your site reach the first rank of Google, but according to Google's new algorithms in 2021, better and superior texts are known that are written more creatively, and also provide users with newer and more comprehensive information.

One of the points about SEO of e-commerce website texts is related to the production of non-general and specialized content. E-commerce is a topic that should be professionally informed to the user; Therefore, try to include the content that you post on your e-commerce website in specialized topics in this field.

7- Website SEO for both laptop and mobile versions

Of course, you cannot ask your users to visit your website only with a mobile phone or only through a computer and laptop. It is best to update your website for both mobile and PC versions.

8- Website update and adaptation with voice assistant

Another way you can keep your e-commerce website up to date with search engines is to be able to sync your website with Google Voice Assistants. Using this feature can both differentiate your e-commerce website from other websites and can make it easier for users to use your website.

9- Meta descriptions

A meta description is actually part of all the text you publish on your website. Try to include this multi-line description of the entire content of the article is a comprehensive and concise way so that search engines can better identify your website.


In general, it can be said that the ultimate guide for search engines regarding e-commerce websites are tips and topics that make these engines better able to offer your e-commerce website to users and customers.

The techniques you need to consider enhancing an e-commerce website SEO are not just limited to these tips. There are also some other considerations including:

  • Create Dynamic Meta Descriptions
  • Provide Unique Product Descriptions
  • Only Index One Version of Your Domain
  • Add Pagination Elements to Category Pages
  • Embrace Schematic Markup
  • Prioritize Speed
  • Use Canonical URLs

Finally, it’s very important to notice that website SEO is the ultimate guide for search engines to find the best e-commerce website, so if you are going to run an online store in this field, try to follow all the tips in this article to optimize the conditions of your website to rank higher in the search engine results and boost your sale.

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