The best no-code platforms to start your app development

October 29, 2021

No-code platform for mobile app development is a straightforward and low-cost solution for entrepreneurs in which users drag and drop code elements through an easy-to-use user interface instead of code-based development environments.

We all know that programmers use their main weapon, code, to develop software, web, or mobile applications. The backbone of most programs and software is code. Each line of code acts as an instruction. So, you need to have coding knowledge to create these instructions.

But have you ever heard that these actions can be done without using code? What if you could build software without writing a line of code? This is the hypothesis of a no-code platform to help beginners develop their mobile apps without writing software underlying code.

Of course, the point here is that these applications cannot be as functional and widely available as professional applications developed by experts, that’s why they are often used to build applications in the MVP stage for startups.

In this article, we want to introduce the best no-code platforms for mobile app development, and finally, we will share the benefits of using them with you.

What is no-code app development?

No-code app development is the process of building an application in an intuitive development environment allowing non-professional users to create a complete software or application through methods such as drag and drop or adding pre-built components.

One of the main advantages of this method is that people can do the same thing that app developers do in this field without passing time-consuming courses to build an app by code writing and programming. No code platforms also allow rapid development of applications, which can reduce project costs.

Numerous platforms and applications have been created for this purpose, with which you can get acquainted with the following.

Top no-code platforms for mobile app development 

By using the no-code platforms that we’re introducing to you, it is possible to create the mobile application you want easily and at the lowest cost possible. is one of the most popular and inexpensive application development platforms in which you can create any kind of web application without even writing a single line of code.

By designing a web application in this no-code platform, you can evaluate user feedback in the MVP stage, which plays an important role in the future when running your actual application.

As an entrepreneur, you do not need any software knowledge to use Bubble, moreover developing an application on this no-code platform takes about one-sixth of the time to develop the original version with coding, and most importantly, no costs you need to pay.


Adalo is one of the easiest and fastest platforms for building various types of mobile applications such as marketplace, real estate apps, e-commerce apps, food delivery apps, etc. Everything on this no-code platform is available to everyone on a cloud basis, so you do not need to download or install anything on your computer. 

You can use the drag/drop interface of this platform to build the user interface and the appearance of your mobile application. Using this platform, you can write applications for Android and iOS.



The Triggre platform, like the previous ones, helps you to create your web application without any coding knowledge. Good support and many features make this platform one of the best no-code platforms available.

By using this platform to develop web applications you can create, edit and modify anything as a developer. It's really simple to use, you just need to take a few simple steps to make your app look more effective. To simplify this step, you can choose the desired category for creating your application, and then use the appropriate theme and features offered by the platform.


AppSheet is another no-code platform for mobile app development that allows its users to build their custom applications for their business without having to write and use programming code.

Using data hosted in your cloud space in the form of spreadsheets, you can choose a template to work with the options and features you want before developing your application.

Integrating data from different sources is easy; Even easier than Google Sheets, Google Forms, Excel from Office 365, and even SalesForce. In addition, you can transfer your saved spreadsheets from Dropbox or OneDrive and even directly from MySQL and SQL Server to this software.


Apart from it, you can also add features such as GPS, maps, image capture, code scanning, signature recording, charts, and email notifications to your application.

You do not need to spend money to start building and developing an application using the AppSheet platform although you have to pay a little cost for downloading or saving your project. 

At the same time, up to ten users can be added to the process of building and developing your mobile application in AppSheet. When the app development is finished, you will have to pay $ 5 per user per month.


Directual is another free, no-code platform that can be used as a web app as well as an API builder. This platform was originally developed to build applications that give you the scalability and flexibility to go beyond your app's MVP.

 This platform uses a drag/drop interface, so you will not need any programming knowledge to build such applications. There are many tools on this platform with which you can change elements, design new features, and add new sounds to your app.

One of the most important features of the Directual platform is the existence of a plugin catalog through which anyone can add many functions to their application. This will help you to create a unique plugin for your application. You can also share your app with professional app developers, users, and customers to help you create an effective app step by step.


When do we use no-code platforms for mobile app development?

The main use of no-code platforms to build mobile applications is to reduce costs for MVP. An MVP, or minimum viable product, is a version of a new product that a team can use to get the most out of customer feedback with the least effort. 

The minimum viable product is a product that is produced during the processes of idea generation, prototyping, presentation, data collection, analysis, and learning. These steps are repeated several times to finally produce the desired product or to be considered a failed product.

Having an MVP helps you to know your customers, find out where you can find them, and study their behavior. Through MVP you can find out how customers find you, what they are willing to pay, and most importantly, before you spend your time and money developing the mobile app, the MVP will tell you if it works and if it is correct or not.

What is the meaning of MVP in app development projects?

MVP means the development of a mobile app that has the minimum features and characteristics necessary to provide to the customer and investor. It does not require much time and money to develop, and the mobile app is made solely for evaluating customers' feedback and analysis of their behaviors.

When you are planning to start a startup, designing a mobile application by one of the no-code platforms helps you to determine how much your application can be satisfactory for customers and what are its possible problems without spending a lot of money.

According to Eric Reese (author of Lean Startups), startup success can be engineered by following an appropriate methodology. One of the components of the best methodology is considering building-measuring-experimenting loops. In other words, you need to identify a need, launch a cheap and executable app, measure customer feedback, and improve your app very quickly.

The best way to follow this methodology for developing a mobile application in the MVP stage is to use no-code platforms that impose the lowest cost on you and at the same time allow you to evaluate your business plan.

The benefits of using no-code platforms for mobile app development

The most important advantages of using no-code application builders are the following:

Save your money for yourself while building the app

No code application maker is one of the cheapest methods for mobile app development. Although you need to hire a professional app developer if you want to make a successful business, by using free app builders at the MVP stage, you can save thousands of dollars if your business plan is not the practical one.

By creating your mobile app in a no-code platform, you do not have to pay more for hosting, updating, and analytics.

Launch your application very fast

You never start from scratch with a no-code app builder. Many prefabricated templates and modules will speed you up at the beginning. It also inspires you in designing, selecting features, and producing app content. These platforms also simplify some tedious processes such as entering data without the need for coding. So that you can use the application very quickly and easily.

No bad events happen

One of the complaints we heard about our customers working with freelancers and small companies working as app developers is: "We agreed to build the x app; But what they received was y." And even worse, "I paid for developing a mobile app and they disappeared."

Unfortunately, the application design ecosystem is not always transparent. But with no code app builder, you can play with templates and modules without the need for struggling with so many difficulties. 

Develop your application for iOS, Android, and website at the same time

Create your application once (pay once) and have it on iOS, Android, and depending on the app you choose, have it on other platforms as well.

Of course, some no-code platforms for app development only build mobile apps. So, if you want to transfer your data to a web application, the app maker you are considering should be able to do this. 

Some app makers do not have a web option while some of them support multi-platform applications. If you aim to develop your app in Android, iOS, and website at the same time, we recommend you to search and find a good-performance app builder enabling you to develop your app with high quality on any platform.

Build your application just with a few clicks

No code platforms for mobile app development give you the power to create your application with less effort. The way of making the application doesn’t require deep technical competence, and if there is a problem in the process of creating the application, you can ask for help in chat and by email.

Update your application regularly

Do you want to put a call button or do you want to change your content? With no-code platforms, performing all of these tasks is simply possible on your own. Most app builders allow you to log in to your dashboard and update and save your changes very easily. You can then apply the new changes to your mobile app with just a few clicks.

This will give you more control over your content and you will not have to wait for a developer to fix your problem.


The no-code platforms we talked about are all cloud-based. This not only allows developers to publish their apps quickly but also helps them make changes in real-time. Some of these have a free version but you have to pay a bit to use them better.

Finally, it should be noted that designing and building a professional mobile app needs to be done by a professional team consisting of specialized developers, so, if you want to start your business and make money from your app, you can contact us and leave this task to our app developer team to build an effective application tailored to your needs.

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