How Hotels Can Use Mobile Apps or Hotel guest apps To Enhance The Guest Experience

May 25, 2021

Smartphones and mobile apps with no doubt transformed many people's lives across the world. We are now expecting to use them as a magic wand to do everything in our life just with one click.

The tendency of using mobile apps to manage and control everything directly from smartphones or tablets has a great impact on every business especially those related to the hotel industry that aim to impress their guests and boost their revenue by enhancing the guest experiences.

The features and functionality of the Hotel mobile app are not limited to a simple booking process, the progress in building multi-function mobile apps resulted in creating innovative solutions for offering a variety of abilities to the hotel guests like opening the hotel room doors, ordering foods or vines online, turning on the lights of the hotel room and much more just by one click on their smartphones.

What is a good hotel app?

A good hotel app is a solution that meets all the requirements of the hotel guests. The main purpose of building a good hotel mobile app for the hotel guests is to cover all their expectations and make them enjoy using their devices for controlling and doing everything from everywhere at any time.

How do mobile apps benefit hotel guests?

There is no limitation in the features and abilities that hotel guests can benefit from the hotel mobile apps. It is almost dependent on the hotel facilities and services that hotel managers considered for their guests.

Continue reading to get familiar with the most popular options provided in the Hotel guest apps.

Self-service model

Hotel mobile apps can offer a self-service model to the hotel guests and enable them to minimize the time and interactions needed for the check-in or checkout process. The self-service model provided in hotel guest apps can eliminate the contact points between guests and hotel staff which is very important during the coronavirus period.

By using the Self-service model of hotel mobile apps, Hotel guests can benefit from the below services:

  • Contactless Check-in and check out process
  • Smart Booking services including massages, spa appointments, Laundry, dry cleaning, entertainment tours, etc.
  • Easy reservations for dinner at resort restaurants, transportation cars, and so on.
  • Remote and touchless services such as selecting Elevator Call button or Floor button, Opening Door Lock, …
  • Report an issue in the guest room like Air conditioner failure
  • Request service or contact with hotel staffs for requesting extra services like changing towels
  • Get information about the local area directly from the built-in map

Smart room controls

Introducing the new technology of Hotel mobile apps makes smart room controls easily possible for guests to help them feel everything is under their control. By using a guest mobile app, they can:

  • Increase / Decrease the room temperature and set the Air conditioner degree
  • Use the app as remote control of the TV
  • Connect to the Hotel Wi-Fi for free without any need to enter the password
  • Control Curtains, lights, etc.
  • Use Voice-Controlled Technology to change TV channels or turn it on or off, play music through smart speakers in the Hotel room, …
  • Personalize their entertainment experience by getting access to internet-based platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, etc.

Order and payment

There is no doubt that hotel guests prefer to order and pay for Hotel services via an automated solution without any need to interact directly with the Hotel staff or hand over cash or credit cards during COVID-19 days or even after this period.

Hotel mobile apps are an ideal solution to let guests order room services, drinks, foods, entertainment tours, and other services just by few clicks and even pay for accommodations and services via payment gateways provided in the Hotel mobile apps.

A lot of other services based on the infrastructure and equipment available in the Hotel, are possible to be offered to the hotel guests by using mobile apps. This new technology is in the beginning stages and definitely, it can make better guest experiences in the future.


How do mobile apps benefit hotel managers?

The advantages of Hotel mobile apps are not just limited to the hotel guests but the hotel managers and staff can benefit from it as well. All managers and staff working in the hotel industry can use this opportunity to improve their performances.

Here are 6 top benefits of guests mobile app for the Hotel industry:

Hotel Guest app can Help to reduce staff workloads

Hotel mobile apps not only eliminate the need for face-to-face interaction with staff but also can reduce their workload by providing self-service models.

By using hotel guest apps, there is no need for the hotel staff to perform and manage all check-in or check out processes, answer the questions of guests about the facilities available in the hotel, or give information or descriptions about local places of tourist attractions near the hotel for each one of the guests, repeatedly.

All of this information is provided in the Guests' hotel app and they have access to them just by one click on their smartphones.

Make Smart Decisions with Customer Data

Hotel mobile apps are also a powerful tool for hotel managers to analyze customer data collected by these applications and use this information to make a smart decision about how to improve the performance, functionalities, and services provided in the hotel according to the customer preferences.

Manage Loyalty Programs and make more money

Loyalty programs are one of the most beneficial features that can be integrated into the guest's Hotel app to send notifications to the customers according to their habits, locations, or any other data available in the mobile app database.

These loyalty programs include seasonal discounts, guest promotions, special offers, and many other programs that can encourage potential customers to visit the hotel again or stay there for a longer period of time.


It is also possible to inform your guests about the special services or offers in your hotel and motivate them to pay the extra cost and buy those services like in-room massage services, child care services, or even game rooms tickets.


Guest hotel apps can play a crucial role in saving money and energy costs for hotel Industries. By using these Hotel mobile apps, the authorized staff can monitor lighting and air conditioning services in real-time or set an ideal light and temperature and instruct the application to turn on or off the lights and heat or cool unoccupied hotel rooms, automatically.

Why does your Hotel need a guest mobile app?

The ultimate purpose of the hotel managers is to offer a seamless guest experience and make them enjoy staying in their hotels. The only way to achieve this goal is satisfying hotel guests and fulfilling their expectations. That's exactly why your hotel needs a guest mobile app.

If you aim to please your guests and provide health, hygiene, and safety for them in your hotels, you need to let them choose their preferences from the hotel mobile apps deliberately.

Even though hotel mobile apps have the greatest impact on attracting new customers and satisfying your guests, reviewing the below reasons may convince you that adopting this new technology is a must for your hotel:

  • Reduce touchpoints and put guests' safety first
  • Support your entire guest journey
  • Increase your hotel revenue and in-stay spend
  • Boost your direct bookings
  • Save time and costs
  • Improve your operational efficiency
  • Improve brand awareness for your hotel
  • Increase guest loyalty and save on OTA commission
  • Introduce your hotel as an innovator in the hotel industry to the guests
  • Mitigate operational bottlenecks and allow your personal to manage guest requests smoothly
  • Reduce waiting times for customers to check-in and give access to their rooms
  • Enhance customer services and make better guests engagement
  • Create a direct connection between the guests and the Hotel
  • Send notifications for room check-in, welcome message, booking details, places to visit, and more
  • Boost the efficiency of staff and increase their productivity
  • Adopt with guest languages to make interactions with foreign guests easier
  • Get feedback directly from your guests before, during, and after a stay


Hotel guest apps offer a more productive channel for your guests to get in touch and engage with your Hotel which can result in improving guest satisfaction, enhancing brand loyalty, and increasing your revenue.

Building a Hotel mobile app is a smart decision that has a great impact on the future success of your hotel business. This technology is an incredible solution with amazing features which is totally different from a website. So, even if you have an active website ranking high on the search engines, building a mobile app is a vital tool for your hotel which can make such an enjoyable experience for your guests that they have never had before.

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