Geepx, Development a Multi Vendor Marketplace

Retail & E-commerce
Kotlin, Swift, Node.js, React


GEEPX, the multi-vendor marketplace created by SDD Technology, caters to the Middle East region in both Arabic and English languages. It has gained significant traction in the e-commerce industry, with a vast network of vendors and customers. The platform continues to expand its presence in multiple markets, offering an array of exciting features and capabilities.


The challenge was to develop a multi-vendor marketplace that provides a seamless e-commerce experience. It required creating a customer mobile app for iOS and Android with comprehensive features for searching, browsing, purchasing, tracking, and reviewing products. Additionally, mobile applications were developed for vendors and delivery personnel to manage orders efficiently. Integration with local banks and delivery operators was also a crucial requirement.


The core of the solution was the customer mobile app, meticulously designed with smooth animations for a delightful user experience. It enabled customers to perform various actions seamlessly. Vendors and delivery personnel were equipped with their respective mobile applications to manage tasks, stay updated, and streamline operations. A web dashboard was developed for vendors to efficiently manage products and orders. Couriers had a separate mobile application to manage delivery routes and notifications. The platform owner had an admin panel to manage customers, orders, products, and vendors.


GEEPX has become a go-to platform for seamless e-commerce experiences. It has empowered vendors, customers, and delivery personnel with user-friendly tools and applications. The customer mobile app, vendor mobile app, delivery man mobile app, and admin panel provide convenience and efficiency to their respective users. The integration with local banks and delivery operators enhances the platform's capabilities, making it a reliable and comprehensive solution for all stakeholders.

Technologies and Tools

The following technologies and tools were utilized in developing the GEEPX multi-vendor marketplace:

  • Figma: Used for UI/UX design to create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces.
  • React: Employed for frontend development to ensure responsive and dynamic user interfaces.
  • Node.js: Utilized for backend development to build a robust and scalable infrastructure.
  • Swift and Kotlin: Employed for native mobile app development, ensuring optimal performance on iOS and Android platforms.

By leveraging these technologies, GEEPX was able to deliver a feature-rich and reliable e-commerce platform.

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Geepx, Development a Multi Vendor Marketplace